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Nightmare Gallery Is A Collection of Horror Poetry by Daileas Duclo

Nightmare Gallery is a new book of horror poems from author Daileas Duclo. The Kindle Edition is now available on Amazon. You can get your copy at Galerie des Cauchemars : Nightmare Gallery Kindle Edition.

This book is a collection dedicated to the genre of horror. In this collection I have created a gallery of nightmarish entities and locations like nothing this world has ever seen. My monsters prey on the psyche. They will haunt your dreams. This gallery is not for the faint of heart. This is a magnum opus to the world of horror literature produced in poetic verse. Prepare to step out of the mulitverse and into my Nightmare Gallery. Come on in we’ve been waiting…

“I based this collection on some of the darkest thoughts I’ve had. I stared into the headlong abyss of horror, suspense, and science fiction to find these beasts dancing along the periphery of my mind’s eye. If you possess a predilection for the darkness or you have known the power of fear you will find yourself in my Nightmare Gallery.” – Daileas Duclo

Here is a preview of what’s in the Nightmare Gallary:


Welcome to the club, come sit and be merry. Lower your defenses and inhibitions there is no need to be wary.

I understand you’re a man who loves the pleasures of the flesh. I heard you treat women and men like playthings, come sit no need to struggle or thresh.

Welcome to Gomorrah, it’s a club for those who’ve experienced the pain of debauchery. Here their every need is met, and they find true camaraderie.

Out there you were the one who had the power to treat others as you wished. Here the trodden upon get the power and you have no power to resist.

We are collectors of a sort and great purveyors of hidden pleasures. We bring the wicked to the weak and let them deliver justice by their own measures.

Maybe you liked little boys and girls too much. We’ll let them have you it’s their turn to decide what gets touched.

Maybe you beat your girlfriend or your wife, don’t worry we won’t judge. Our patrons might have more to say sometimes, they can hold a grudge.

It’s not our business to ask questions on why you have been selected. Just relax you’ll find out soon the reason you’ve been collected.

We pride ourselves on having an eye for talent and we watch the news very close. So long as people are cruel we’ll always be able to put on shows.

Welcome to Gomorrah we’re happy to have you here. You’ll never leave this place so put it out of your mind my little dear.

Here the perverse and cruel see suffering that no prison could ever deliver. Our patrons love to torture the torturers and they rend people down sliver by sliver.

Torture is a game of inches and that’s something you will soon find out. Before your stay is through you’ll know what, the screaming is all about.

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