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Interview: Lindsay Lowe (Lindsay Lowe Eyewear)

I had the chance to attend Chiller Theatre  and I spoke with the talented Lindsay Lowe. I remember meeting Lindsay years ago and she instantly stood out. Not just because of her unique, one-of-a-kind fashions and eyewear but she is instantly fun and kind to talk to.  Lindsay created Lindsay Lowe Eyewear. She has signature glasses, sunglasses and a brand new accessories line including the most epic Baby Jaws accessories.  She is multi-talented and took some time to do an on-spot interview with me for Horrornews.net

Hi Lindsay, It is so good to see you today at Chiller! Tell me how you got started with everything?

Lindsay- How I got started was, I had a TV show called “PA Live” and I was a segment for making fashions for kids and teens. Then I needed a product so I got the eyewear, since I wear prescription eyewear.

The eyewear is beautiful.

Lindsay- Thank you and I’m well-known for Lindsay Lowe Eyewear’s Glow in the Dark Fright Board Frames, which is the Ouija board style frames. Then, I kind of grew and went into the Yellow Spotted Frames and grew and grew more with Chiller Theatre Frames that we are debuting at Chiller Theatre today with Zacherley and Kevin on our frames. It seems that I have branched out to taking eyewear and making it into fashion statements with my original artwork.

Yes, it is definitely unique and different.

Lindsay- Yes it starts a conversation and we have the purple which is like a Billie Holiday type of style. We have the Fright Board Witch which is based on a self-portrait of me. We also have the future looking icons and with the Something Weird Video collection, it inspired the VHS Peep Show which is our best-seller for men’s kimonos. We are bringing kimonos into the horror industry. When you go to conventions it’s kind of like you want to dress for a party so, we did the wrap dresses for the ladies and the kimonos for the men.

What goes along with these fashionable ensembles and eyewear?

Lindsay- We also have our traveling cups now so that you can keep all your liquids with you. And matching your garments of Lindsay Lowe Eyewear.

Now, did you make the beautiful dress and accessories you are wearing today? You always look fabulous!

Lindsay- Oh, Thank you! I also just had my son.

Ohhh, Congratulations! What is his name?

Lindsay- Thank you! His name is Nicholas Lowe. He’s five months this past Friday. He’s actually my inspiration behind the Baby Jaws collection.

That is all of this incredible Baby Jaws stuff right here. (Lindsay had an amazing set-up of her Baby Jaws products which can be purchased on her site )

Lindsay- Yes that is the Baby Jaws collection. We have our wonderful handbags. We have our almost sold-out waterproof tote bags that carry vinyl records so it’s very roomy and waterproof if you want to take it to the beach. We have our Baby Jaws blanket towels, Baby Jaws bags, pillow cases and a beach blanket.

How long have you been coming to Chiller and what do you look forward to when you are here at Chiller?

Lindsay- There’s two answers to that question. When I was first coming here, I was analyzing people and seeing what kind of fashions and what kind of eyewear people were wearing. Asking people about what do they want in eyeglass frames and what are they looking for in fashions? I was in the fashion industry too. When I do come to Chiller, I come to sell my product, to network and also to hear my customers. I want to know what I can fix or what I can do for them. I have met a couple of fans and it was exciting.

Now, what’s next with the eyewear and the amazing Traci Lords was rocking your eyewear!

Lindsay- We are looking into different type of styles. The quality is amazing. Our reputation is durable, fashionable and fun and we are the first glow in the dark prescription eyewear. We would like to keep going with that but we might be changing our shapes and styles. We will still keep to the horror but maybe give it a little bit more of a pin-up look since we were Best Eyewear in Viva Las Vegas because of Traci Lords. We love Traci Lords so much. She wore our Yellow Spotted sunglasses at Viva Las Vegas which is a huge convention in Las Vegas so it was remarkable to see on Instagram. You can use our hashtag #LindsayLoweEyewear and you can see all of our wonderful customers, celebrities wearing our frames, the comments and reviews.

What do you want to say to the fans and customers of Lindsay Lowe Eyewear?

Lindsay- I’d like to tell them thank you so much for the loyalty, love the support. I hope that they love my new fashion lines. I design for my fans but I also design for myself too. All of the fan letters, emails and messages I try to keep up with. I’m the only one running this brand so I am a one-woman shop. I’m a single mother that has a newborn which a lot of women go through. But, I do want to say I am going to be designing more and we also have a hundred products that will be coming online for spring, summer, fall, and winter. We are loving that everyone is loving the onesies that are coming out for men and women.

Finally!!! The really cool Horror onesies!

Lindsay- Yes, (both of us laughing) for after-parties and stuff.  Let’s say you are at a convention and you don’t want to wear the same outfit and you want a onesie. We actually designed the onesies because it’s based on when I would go to Chiller at the previous location I would wear a Skelton onesie and I used to wrap a belt around it. (She did this, I remember and she always looked so cool) So now I want people to enjoy wearing onesies and being comfortable. Partying with their families, celebrities, friends and Chiller family. I hope I did well and everyone loves the fashions and the eyewear. Seeing Richard Dreyfuss (“Jaws) holding my Baby Jaws bag. That was pretty amazing.

Pretty epic! I thank you so much and it was awesome seeing you.

Lindsay- Thank you so much.


FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/LindsayLoweEyewear/

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/lindsayloweeyewear/

TWITTER https://twitter.com/lleyewear



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