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Interview: Author Jackie Sonnenberg (The Lamb Was Sure To Go)

“Author, Jackie Sonnenberg’s book My Soul To Keep, was a horror-fan favorite and later this month, her highly anticipated second book, The Lamb Was Sure to Go will be available for pre-order on Amazon. For over 8 years, Jackie Sonnenberg has brought her talent and creativity as a “haunt” actor and currently performs at Zombie Outbreak, an interactive live action zombie experience where brave players use state-of-the-art laser-tag weapons to clear a military base full of walking dead in a real-life video game experience. Jackie Sonnenberg is known for her paranormal suspense-filled book plots and horror-role performances for fans who want to “get their scare on.”

At 2018 Spooky Empire, she won the Best Craftsmanship award for her exceptional costume based on one of her book characters. A professional across the horror-haunt industry, Jackie Sonnenberg brings creativity, vision and a unique understanding of the fascination this genre holds across all generations.”

Hi Jackie, thank you for taking the time to answer questions for Horrornews.net.  Please tell us about about your new book,”The Lamb was Sure to Go

This is the second book in my collection of horror nursery rhymes, and I am very excited about it because it features a creepy little kid as the Antichrist. While this type of character isn’t new to the horror-haunt genre, what makes my story special with a new twist is that it is my take on Mary and her little lamb that no one has ever seen before! This story is about horrifying visions of the evil lurking around the corner: of death, of doom, of Hell and the child born to make it all happen.

How does the process go for you while writing and do you have anything special that you do while or before writing? 

For each of my books, I have written down a simple summary of what the story will be about. I create the most important characters first and what is going to happen with them including their relationships to one another. I jot down the most important plot points first and soon my imagination takes over and my story ideas keep coming.

Who are some authors that you are reading at the moment? 

I read all of Ruth Ware’s books; she writes suspenseful mysteries that I really enjoy because I love any story that I can’t predict and that keeps me thinking and guessing. Also, I am re-reading the Harry Potter series because I knew that I would have a whole new level of appreciation and love for them as an adult than when they first came out! And, of course, I am a big fan of Apryl Baker’s Ghost Files series (as it happens, we share the same publisher!)​

How are you involved with Zombie Outbreak?

Along with my haunt co-workers, I work at the year-round Orlando attraction, Zombie Outbreak, performing as a zombie actor. I am also writing the backstory to Zombie Outbreak one chapter at a time and posting it on our website under “blog!” So much has happened in a medical facility overrun with the zombie virus…​

​What made you want to write, or did you always know you would be a writer?

When I was little I learned to read quickly, and have always loved books so much I wanted to write my own, and I have! I thought I could come up with my own, so I did! I take paper, pens and markers with me everywhere I go because many of my story ideas have come from my people-watching in different environments and imagining who they are, why they are there and what they are planning to do next.


Will you be working on another book?

Yes! Readers love the fact that my books are part of a collection with a theme but they are not sequels so they can be read in any order (great for sharing and exchanging!) And, since there is an abundance of nursery rhymes, I will be adding to my book collection for a long time to come. I have some very rough drafts I am working on and plot outlines for what is coming next… several other nursery rhymes have a frightening side I can’t wait to develop. Here is a hint: I am working vampires into one of them…

What advice would you give to writers who may be scared to write?

Keep a journal and always jot down your thoughts and ideas as they come to you. Once you practice getting your ideas down and looking at them later, you can get a better idea of how to develop them. Journaling is a great way to keep organized. Write down themes you like and even character names and professions. How would someone and their profession fit into that theme? There’s always a story there…​

Jackie Sonnenberg  www.JackieSonnenberg.com

Twitter:  @sonnenbooks

Amazon:  The Lamb Was Sure To Go


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