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Interview: Jack Davis (Crypt TV)

JS-Hi Jack, First off please tell us why you decided to create Crypt TV?

Jack – The original inspiration for CRYPT TV was that there was no real genre, scary content on mobile or social media. So much of the world today has people consuming information on mobile phones and through social media in horror which is an amazing genre. I have a lot of passion and respect for. There was none of it on mobile or social. In the last year CRYPT TV was focused on creating monsters and original characters.

JS-You are 26 years old and from what it looks like you have developed something incredible. What do you hope to accomplish for the world of Horror?

Jack- What I hope to accomplish with CRYPT is for the fans to love and be emotionally moved by our monsters. The best monster stories bring people closer together. So where I would hope CRYPT goes is our best monster stories like “Birch” and “Giggles” keep growing and bringing people together. We do this for the user who is loving our stories.

JS- The Crypt Monster page(s) on Social media are thriving. Do you feel social media helped Horror films advance? And if so why?

Jack- I think they definitely help but of course, I’m biased. I think they help because what social media does is gives young creators a chance to get their work out there when they may not have otherwise been able to. It brings content to young audience and fans. If you care about the genre I think you have to recognize how young voices are able to express themselves and fans are able to experience content in different forms.

JS- Have you always loved Horror films and did you have anyone that inspired you professionally?

Jack- I would say I loved the “Final Destination” movies. That was one of the first scary movie that I ever watched, well “Final Destination 2” was actually the first one I saw. In terms of someone that inspired me professionally I have to get sappy here and say my dad! My dad is someone who worked really hard but always put his integrity first. You know doing things the right way first.

JS-Great choice, on the films! The “Final Destination” movies are fun and the inspiration!

Jack- It started with “Final Destination 2” though. I went back and saw “Final Destination” and by that time part three was out and I stuck with the whole series.

JS-What would you say to someone that may be reluctant to try CRYPT TV?

Jack- I would say that don’t think about the fact that it’s on a phone or social media. Think about that we’re just trying to tell great monster stories. What really drives us here is the story and giving voices to filmmakers and that is something that I think everybody can rally around.

JS-What would you like the fans to know about Crypt TV, what would you say to them?

Jack- I would say that we just want to bring them iconic monsters that they’ve loved their whole lives from movies to TV. We love Freddy, we love Jason, “The Purge”, “Sinister” and the new iconic thriller movies. We’re trying to tell incredible monster movies. I would also tell the fans that everything we do, we do for them.






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