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Book Review: When Werewolves Attack – Author Del Howison

When Werewolves Attack: A Field Guide to Dispatching Ravenous Flesh-Ripping Beasts

Are werewolves a problem in your neighborhood? Ever wonder what to do if you are attacked by a lycanthrope? Interested in a career in hunting werewolves? Maybe you are just curious about the history of werewolves and want to know more about them, or maybe you just wanted to read about werewolf attacks on humans. If you are into werewolves at all (and I am) then When Werewolves Attack: A Field Guide to Dispatching Ravenous Flesh-Ripping Beasts is for you.

As most people know I am a werewolf fanatic. I love anything having to do with werewolves and I believe that out of all monsters, beasts, and creatures that exist in the horror world today, they are without a doubt the coolest. I have always been into them (I saw “The Howling” when I was in second grade then went to school and traumatized all of my classmates by telling them about it). I really enjoyed When Werewolves Attack and I think that anyone who loves werewolves as much as I do will feel the same way about this book.

There were several reasons why I dug this book. For one, Del Howison is a phenomenal writer and his witty style is top-notch. He does a great job of inserting humor while at the same time not going overboard to the extent that it is silly. The entire book has a witty tone and I just really liked the overall vibe of it.

I also appreciated how knowledgeable Howison was on the subject of werewolves as the book is loaded with information about them. There are so many facts about them that I even learned a thing or two, and I always thought that I knew everything I needed to know about them. It is obvious that Howison did his research as this book is without a doubt the ultimate guide to werewolves.

I also liked the way the book was broken up into sections, as each one focuses on different aspects of werewolves. We have a chapter about the history of the werewolf, one about hunting a werewolf, one about how to defend oneself during an attack, and even one dedicated to how to tame and keep a werewolf as a pet (I want one!!!). In addition we also learn how to detect if someone is a werewolf and what weapons to use if fighting one off. There are even two chapters dedicated to common myths about werewolves and some examples of actual attacks that have taken place. It really does a great job of debunking the major fallacies that have been linked with werewolves and corrects any misconceptions that one may have about werewolves.

When Werewolves Attack is, overall, a great read. It is well written, interesting, and above all it is just fun. I had a great time reading it and I learned a few things at the same time. Who knew that learning could actually be fun? I know I always thought that when people said that they were just trying to get kids to sit still long enough to cram some kind of information into their heads. This book was extremely thorough and is a definite life-saver in case of a werewolf epidemic.

I was very happy that I got the opportunity to read this book. I really thought that it ruled and would recommend it to any and all horror fans or anyone that just wants to know a little more about lycanthropy. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up this book; it may just end up saving your life one day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts and opinions about the book. It sounds like a great read and will help me research on my next novel.

    Sherry Soule

    Author of the Spellbound Series


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