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Interview: Catt Bellamy (Cold Moon)

Hi Janel, It’s Catt!

Hi Catt, How is everything going?

Catt- I am good but my dog has been sick.

Awe, I am sorry. I have a Black Lab named Bella Luna Roma!

Catt- No, its fine. She is good! So cute! I have a Black, Golden Doodle!

Oh, I bet she is adorable!

Catt- Yes, so sweet, I love her.

So I was told that you are the “Laura Palmer” of “Cold Moon” and it is a compliment! How did you get involved with the film “Cold Moon?”

Catt- That is so kind! So Griff Furst, the director of the movie was actually my first acting coach ever and I was his youngest student ever. So I think I was about twelve or thirteen when I first took his class in Louisiana and you know being his youngest student he worked me! I was always in class with the older people and the older kids and when “Cold Moon” came along I was about sixteen and he automatically came to me for the role and kind of automatically said we you for the role if you can tackle it! So everybody always asks me what did you think when they confronted you to be a dead girl? I never really thought about being dead, I was just so excited to have the opportunity and it’s easy to work with Griff because we’ve connected from class so I always can kind of read what he wanted me to do for the film.

What did you do prepare to play Margaret and be in the situation she is in?

Catt- As far as working towards the character I did a lot of practice with Griff. He actually liked when I kind of just did my own thing.

What was it like working with Griff as the director?

Catt- So amazing! The good thing about Griff is he so personable.

Did you always know that you wanted to be an actress?

Catt- Yes! I’ll never forget ever since the day I could talk I would look at the TV screen and my mind would just constantly wonder how these people are in there. I thought I could just run through the TV and my mm still tells me till this day, like she never forgot and I was like how could I get in there?

I think a lot of us wondered how we could just get into the TV and be a part of everything cool!

Catt- I am glad someone is on the same page as me! I don’t sound crazy! But I sing too and I’ve always loved to sing. I ran across this audition, I think it was in the mall in Louisiana when I was little. I pitched a fit and wanted to go in there and sing and I had never sang in my life and I just wanted to get in front of them and my mom said okay just go ahead and they ended up telling me that you have potential but you just need to work at it. But ever since that day it was my dream and being from such a conservative town from Louisiana it is hard to fulfill your dreams with such close-minded people around you but luckily I have a family and many people that believed in me and helped me out on this journey!

Did you have anyone that inspired you professionally?

Catt- Rachele Brooke Smith, the girl that I did “Cold Moon” with because she was in all my childhood films you know, “Bring it On” and I cheered in middle school and high school. When I found out at sixteen that I was going to be co-starring with her. My heart dropped. She is so inspiring and she always stays true to who she is. Rachele is a big inspiration to me!

What do you want to say to everyone that will be watching “Cold Moon” and your future films?

Catt- Everyone that’s watching “Cold Moon” – watch your back because karma is a real one! You know, what goes around, comes around. Honestly I hope everyone enjoys it! It is such a great opportunity and such a blessing to work with such veteran actors. I hope everyone enjoys it and gets that old school horror vibe and for my other movies coming out, stayed tuned! I have a new movie coming out called “The Hurt” and it just got accepted to Sundance, I actually play the lead in that. Stay tuned for all my music coming out!

Do you have any music out now?

Catt- No, I don’t have any originals out yet. You should be able to hear them in about a month in a half or two months. I’ll have a sneak peek coming soon but if you go to my Instagram  I have lots of covers recorded, stuff like that and its very raw. My Instagram tells you when everything is coming and what is new and upcoming!

Is there anything you can share about “The Hurt?”

Catt- “The Hurt” movie is about a teenage girl and has a really rough family life. I would compare it to a “Girl Interrupted,” Angelina Jolie type of role.

Is there anyone that you would love to work with that you haven’t been able to work with yet?

Catt- I would absolutely love…. My favorite actresses are Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis! They are my inspirations.

Angelina Jolie is really cool.

Catt- Yes, me too! Her and Scarlett Johansson as well. The characters they play are like the types of roles in my dreams that I want to play. I love Will Ferrell! I want to meet him so bad. My favorite in whole world is “Elf” and I know every word and every song!

I love “Elf” too! It is so funny and so much fun! It is one of my favorite movies!

Catt- Oh my God, Really! I have it on re-play every season not just Christmas.

I wish you all the best and we look forward to the future projects. You are so cool. Thank you Catt!

Catt- Thank you so much. Thanks for having me!  I am so excited.


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