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There’s Nothing Under The F*cking Bed – An Inappropriate Children’s Book


“There’s Nothing Under The F*cking Bed”

by Nick Wilkinson & Kate Wilkinson

Average children’s stories kind of suck. They’re not funny or interesting. They’re usually just rhyme filled drivel meant to occupy the time between when you first put the children to bed and their fifth glass of water.

It’s our own fault for letting the kids stay up and watch horror movies! Now you have to check under the bed for the fifteenth time, and then go explain to mom why she has to wash the sheets in the morning. Say it one more time before sending them off to sleep… There’s nothing under your f*cking bed!

These quick and clever “stories” are inappropriate fun for the whole family! Based on real life experiences, these are stories that parents can read to themselves, after all the little monsters are tucked in and sound asleep.


I’m Nick Wilkinson. I writer and radio personality who lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

With over 14 years of experience in the Behavioral Health Field, I’ve been working in close contact with kids from all walks of life.
Specializing in teenagers and young adults, I’ve been a career long supporter of “verbal de-escalation” and non-violent crisis intervention. I believe that what you say, and how you say it, are the keys to successful communication.

Using practical and no-nonsense approaches to dealing with pre-teens, teens, and young adults, I’ve worked with survivors of abuse, juvenile sex offenders, neglected and abandoned adolescents, as well as a wide array of both mental illness and autism clients.

I believe that every teen, given the tools & encouragement, has the ability to succeed and that practicality and common sense MUST play a factor in everyday thinking.

I am also a victim of child abuse. I survived years of abuse at the hands of my parents, and with a lot of help and guidance have managed to move forward in my life, despite its devastating beginnings.


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