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Film Review: Everlasting Hate (2007)


Adrian and Eve, a young couple who have long left their happiest days behind them; Csaba and Enrico, two brutal thugs and killer who are just coming from their last job; And Finn, a homeless young man, whose memory is incomplete; They all seem to coincide by chance in a house in the forest. The group is facing a common problem: in the forest, the dead walks and so one is forced to spend the night in the house. But evil can not be locked out – the horror finds its way! But not only the house holds secrets. When the group happens to save a blood-stained young woman’s life, the situation changes once more. Human abysses are spreading out and what begins as a struggle for survival ends as a search for truth.


Another long lost extreme film that even alludes bootleg youtube copies

Sure there is a trailer for it, which gives us a place to start. However the purpose of this entry is to give as much background as we can on this title creating a placeholder for future investigation.

Everlasting Hate is the creation of Philip Polcar a German director with a hand full of films to his name. Among the standout titles here a short film titled “Friday the 13th: Jason Conquers Germany” (perhaps worth investigating itself). This project was released in 2007 under limited distribution.

The title was produced ” Pheagol Movie Productions” and eventually distributed under “Maximum Uncut Productions”. Maximum Uncut Productions does have a Facebook page although their web site at www.maximumuncut.com/ seems to be offline. The company seems to have produced several extreme titles of which at the moment seem to be unobtainable, however the FB site still posts several images for those willing to hunt them down.

Back to the film, Everlasting Hate, there is not much to be found on the film itself however its primary plot appears to be centered around supernatural elements, a forest and a group of people (of which include 2 former criminals).

Of this grouping arises a zombie outbreak combined with a mixture of violence and supernatural elements. Adrian and Eve is the film’s focal couple who have seen better days. Csaba ad Enrico, the films 2 former criminals are united with the couple and a man named Finn who all have happened upon a remote house in the forest. The house itself provides the film’s setting as evil finds it’s way to the surface. Zombies and unnatural forces emerge making for a weekend of chaos and survival. There ya go….in a nutshell.

The film has been reported as being of low production quality with several confusing elements under an amateur production. The gore is presented in various levels offering enough to qualify it for the extreme genre. However, most us these days have seen enough zombie gore piled on thru TV and film releases to almost come to the table with a numbness to it all. We get it….zombies eat and dismember people…that’s what they do.

The film is presented in black and white making for an extreme film (only lessened by the absence of its color).

We’ve provided some images below to give a feel for the film itself. As on now, we don’t expect this title to rear its ugly head anytime soon for public consumption making it a entry without much more than a small a trail of evidence it exists. Extreme movie fans wont lose sleep letting this one pass by, but for the record it is 1 entry that was mentioned a hand full of times.

Limited information is available on Everlasting Hate release (may need to translate to English)

We’ll keep you posted if more information arises

Trailer for Everlasting Hate (2007)

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