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Film Review: Bad Biology (2008)

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BAD BIOLOGY (IN PRODUCTION) USA / HORROR Acclaimed director Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case, Brain Damage, Frankenhooker) is back with a twisted tale of love and weirdness. Driven by biological excess, a young man and woman search for sexual fulfillment, unaware of each other’s existence. Unfortunately, they eventually meet, and the bonding of these two very unusual human beings ends in an explosive and ultimately over-the-top sexual experience, resulting in a truly godawful love story…. With bizarre special effects by Gabe Bartalos, a hip-hop soundtrack from Prince Paul, and shot in glorious 35mm, BAD BIOLOGY is guaranteed to shock even the most desensitized of audiences, and sure to become a modern cult classic.


I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen a horror film like this before. Filled with more soft p*rn sex acts and wild depraved action than you can squeeze into a 90 minute film, this movie is one hellava freak show.

For starters, let us introduce our main character. Her name is Jennifer and she has issues. Apparently she has such a whacked biology makeup inside her that she has to have organisms as much as possible. At an early age, she had a menstrual cycle which drained her of 1/5 her bodies blood and was having orgasms at age 5. Now in her adulthood, she spends her free time picking up strangers and having wild sexual encounters that usually ends with her killing them. On purpose or by accident it seems the norm for this black widow of a character. That’s not the kicker. 2 hours after having sex she gives birth to the self-named “freak babies”. Of course this is unnatural since her body system is quite accelerated so she either leaves them behind or dumps them in the garbage. In fact the act itself is also pleasureable to her. Yes, she’s a bit of a mutant AND a nymphomaniac.

So if that didn’t scare you away…… keep in mind, this is all meant in good fun. The whole film operates on a sexually but hilariously depraved level. Disneyland in hell would not be far from an appropriate description as it really pulls the punches on all accounts. Directed by Frank Henenlotter it’s clear he is comfortable with the content and the comical aspects. Hey, anyone who has the balls to order a special FX prop that requires an animated monster penis is cutting edge in my book. But in case you forgot, Frank is responsible for the old school classics Basket Case, Brain Damage, & Frankenhooker.

Now how else does Jennifer spend her free time when she’s not sex-starved? Well she’s quite the photographer. She takes pictures of her lovers during orgasms and manipulates the end product into a haunting collage portrayal. Just the artwork alone is a bonus to check out. This profession of hers though finally leads her to her ultimate match at a local shoot that involves women wearing vagina masks….great fun!

Now if she isn’t enough for ya, then let us introduce you to the other lead Anthony Sneed who plays Batz. Batz has an issue as well. His penis has a mind of its own and is addicted to drugs. In fact it’s more like a deformed bulbous snake than a body part but it certainly gets around. Snipped off and reattached at birth it seems to have grown an addiction to steroids. This addiction has Batz running all over town to local drug dealers just to keep it satisfied. Batz has spent a lifetime trying to figure it out, cure it, and study its peculiarity He even devised a jerk off machine build from spare parts in an effort to satisfy it. Although it is perhaps the ultimate female orgasm enhancer it seems to be able to operate on its own accord including an ability to dislodge and seek out worthy sexed-up females. Is there a love story at work here…you bet ya… It’s a bit of party though on our way there. By all accounts it probably sound more disturbing than it really plays out. It’s definitely;lt not for the kiddies but it is a very original piece of work.

Actress Actress Charlee Daniels is unbelievably appropriately dynamic. Any doubts will secure that thought within 5 minutes of the film. A great performance and quite sexual beast at that.

So with all that said where does this leave us? I’ll tell you where “Bad Biology” is one hellava sex-packed depraved horror show black comedy that is a cult classic before it even leaves the door! You wont see this at Block buster or Hollywood video …which is exactly the reason you should run out and pick this up when its available.

Bad Biology (2008)

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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    I loved this genuinely unique film. Henenlotter is an underrated genius. It’s a shame he didn’t make a lot more films.


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