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Interview: Kathyrn Taylor (Evil Gene)

interview-kathyrn-taylor-the-evil-gene-movie-5Tell me about “Evil Gene” and the process of writing and directing?

Kathryn: We shopped it around a little bit and after a while my producing partner Julia and I decided to put it into production ourselves. That is how it was born.

What made you want to become a writer?

Kathryn: I have always done quite a bit of writing. I started with short stories and I’ve had my poetry phase in college.

For years I had tried to write a novel. I was frequently traveling and so what would happen is I would get maybe fifty pages into writing the novel and then I would get sent to Montana for depositions for three weeks or New York for a trial. So I actually got into screenwriting because my now ex-husband said you know you should try writing screenplays because they are ninety to a hundred and ten pages. I thought I might be able to manage that in between my law practice.

interview-kathyrn-taylor-the-evil-gene-movie-3 interview-kathyrn-taylor-the-evil-gene-movie-4

Will there be a sequel to “Evil Gene?”

Kathryn: You know right now I am looking at different projects. I’ve got a couple of scripts that I am still working on and fine tuning. There is one right now making the rounds right now and people reading it. That is where I am at the moment. I don’t know about a sequel. That is all very definitive on how the first one is received.


You wrote and directed “Evil Gene,” what was the most fun aspect for you?

Kathryn: I always have the most fun learning something new. The directing part was more fun and it was learning by drinking from a fire hose. I like to learn by experiencing it.


What was it like working with the cast as a director?

Kathryn: They were awesome. Amazing actors and they knew how to turn in the performances.

What would you like to say to the fans and audience that will be watching the film?

Kathryn: I hope people enjoy the film. I didn’t want to put a political perspective in here or preach politics but there are some social questions. It has the balance between keeping people safe and taking away their freedom.


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