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Bruce Campbell VS. Frankenstein is to be The Expendables of Horror

Bruce Campbell is still working on getting the script ready for the sequel to My Name is Bruce. This one will go in a different direction however. While My Name is Bruce was a movie for just Bruce Campbell fans the sequel is supposed to be for any and all horror fans.

Bruce had this to say “ Yeah, [it’s] “The Expendables,” or more like the “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” of horror. I want to get so many horror movie stars that people can’t possibly not see the movie. I want to give them other stuff to do. I want to have Kane Hodder be very particular about what he eats. I want Robert Englund to be a tough guy, like he knows tae kwon do or something. I want to find out the hidden sides of all these people. Some will play themselves, some will play alternate characters as well. I may approach Kane Hodder to play Frankenstein. He could be Kane Hodder himself fighting himself as Frankenstein. It could be crazy. It’s a silly concocted story that we hope to do maybe in a year or so. My breaks between “Burn Notice” have been getting tighter because they’ve been adding episodes. They’re trying to trap me like a rat in the TV world, and I might just let them. There’s a script, it just kind of blows right now, so no one’s really seeing it. We gotta work on it. Definitely shoot in Oregon all on a stage. It’s like the “300? of horror comedies. We want to make it a whole world. Someone’s gotta take Frank down for good.”

It’s still too soon to get excited, and coming from Bruce Campbell you can never be sure. He’s a great guy but sometimes his ideas tend to fall through. It’s not always his fault but it happens. If this does get put together though it would certainly be entertaining and a fun romp through horror movies past. It’s a great idea basically.

In that same interview, Richardson explained the basic outline of the plot as it stands right now:“We have an idea where [Bruce] is going to visit a country in Europe and he thinks he’s got an all-expense-paid stay there. They put him up in a big castle and he thinks there are groupies running around, but they’re not really groupies, they’re minions. It’s Bruce and he’s going to play the same clueless character.”

Let’s hope this movie does get it’s script together and move forward. While My Name is Bruce was not received too well by fans (personally I loved it.) this sequel sounds like the B movie fun that Bruce built his name on.

Source: slashfilm.com

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