Film Review: They All Must Die! (1998)


SYNOPSIS: Three black street thugs sexually assault and torture a white woman who moves into their neighborhood. REVIEW: Banned due to its highly graphical rape content, “They All Must Die!” is a feature film created by director/writer Sean Weathers. The film easily falls into the extreme content category due to its rather stretched-out excruciating rape scenes that occur on screen as 3 local black street thugs inflict racially-driven torment upon new resident Wendy Baker. Wendy … Continue reading

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3 New Extreme Films announced Today from the Sean Weathers collective


Ok, while we dont expect these titles to appeal to all the genre fans, we know a few of you will raise a few eyebrows to the relasesa on these. I think by title alone they had me sold. Here are the details: Hookers in Revolt, The Unfinished Works of Sean Weathers, and the most notorious film ever made, They All Must Die! On November 22, MVD Entertainment Group will be releasing three of exploitation … Continue reading

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