Film Review: The Thrill of a Kill (2011)


SYNOPSIS: After fighting with her mom, Kimsy runs into the woods to cool off, where she meets a friendly photographer. A day of bloodshed and murder follows… REVIEW: While it is not uncommon for us to receive several low budget independent productions, it is uncommon to receive ones that are done so well on a low budget. This latest film is a “Violence Productions” debut-shot-piece called “the Thrill of a Kill” directed by Lars-Erik Lie … Continue reading

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Trailer: The Thrill of a Kill (2011)

New trailer- The Thrill of a Kill, a new underground/slasher/exploitation – film from Norway, to be released this autumn. Extreme horror fans will want to check out this trailer which has some pretty graphic scenes right out of the box. The film is produced by Violence Productions and is a low-low-low budget slasherflick (production cost is only around $5500), with elements of exploitation, black comedy and horror. Starring Kirsten Jakobsen and Arve Herman Tangen in … Continue reading

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