Plot Details Revealed For Episode One Of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN

FX has been pretty tight lipped about exactly what Season Three of AMERICAN HORROR STORY was going to be all about. We knew it had to do with witches and was in New Orleans but beyond that, nothing else was being let loose. Tonight we have the plot synopsis for episode one titled BITCHCRAFT. A young girl, Zoe, is shattered to discover she possesses a strange genetic affliction tracing back to the dark days of … Continue reading

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American Horror Story cast

It is amazing how the folks casting FX Channels monster hit AMERICAN HORROR STORY have managed to find so many A list stars to act in their quirky genre experiment but they have and it just makes things all the better for us fans. Season three is gearing up and although no truly official press release has come out yet an icredibly dependable source has confirmed some giant casting news. Via TWITTER show helmer Ryan … Continue reading

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It’s Monday! Let’s Talk The Next Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD


Another Sunday night has come and gone and once again we are left wondering just what the hell is going to happen to those poor people at the prison. Things are coming to a head, I know I said that last week but I don’t see how they can string this confrontation along for another full episode. This week was basically The Governor chasing Andrea around growing more and more psychotic with every passing moment. … Continue reading

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season Three Gets An Official Title


Confirming the many internet rumors that have been bouncing around the last month or so, the cast and crew of the hit FX series AMERICAN HORROR STORY last night appeared to confirmed that the new season will in fact be about witches, or at least the new title seems to confirm that. The new season will be titled AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN and while at an event called PALEYFEST the above mentioned show runners chatted … Continue reading

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THE WALKING DEAD Returns This Week – Here’s The Latest Teaser Promo

It’s finally here. This is the week that THE WALKING DEAD finally returns. I know a lot of you have been annoyed by this whole “mid-season” break stuff that AMC has pulled on us the last few years but you can let all that go now. It’s back! I mentioned in a post yesterday that AMC is doing a marathon all all the episodes so far. This past weekend was Season One and this coming … Continue reading

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