DEXTER Season Seven Blu-ray Info!


Damn, I love DEXTER, such a great freakin show! Kinda bummed that this upcoming season is supposedly the last but we’ll always have Blu-ray and with that perfect segue I bring you news of the upcoming release of Season Seven on Blu-ray and DVD. The press release drives the news home so lets take a look, shall we: Shocking secrets are revealed to potentially deadly consequences in the pulse-pounding newest season of the acclaimed original … Continue reading

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A great teaser spot for DEXTER Season Seven!!

Why I ‘otta…. Those rascals over at SHOWTIME sure know how to promote a new season. They have offered up an excellent, albeit short video of some of the highlights of this upcoming season. Season Seven to be exact. Rumors swirl that this could be DEXTER’S swan song. Time will tell and this clip reveals nothing about that, at least that I can see. Check it out and see if you see something I missed. … Continue reading

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