The Latest HANNIBAL Teaser Catches Him In The Act

Only two weeks to go till the second season of NBC’s HANNIBAL and the PR folks are working overtime building the hype. This latest tease brings the goods though: This is quickly blossoming into one of the biggest premieres in a while for me. Feb. 28th at 10 pm is the info to remember.

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All Hell’s Breaking Loose In The Latest Tease For Tonights THE WALKING DEAD


If there is one horror fan out there that is not aware of the fact that tonight brings the return of THE WALKING DEAD to AMC then they are living under that proverbial rock. This has got to be one of the my hyped premieres in recent history and for good reason. It’s gonna kick ass!! AMC has dished out another tease for tonight’s 9 PM offering and it shows things going to hell, and … Continue reading

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‘Tales from Mutantville’ World Premiere at Mad Monster


TALES FROM MUTANTVILLE OFFERS THREE SHORTS TO GIVE HORROR SHOT IN ARM AT MAD MONSTER PARTY WORLD PREMIERE! CHARLOTTE, NC – The long awaited horror anthology from Mutantville Productions TALES FROM MUTANTVILLE premieres Friday March 23rd at 7:30pm during the MAD MONSTER PARTY at the Blake Hotel. TALES FROM MUTANTVILLE is an horror anthology comprised of INDIGO CHILD, FAMILY FIEND, and SCARECROW AT MIDNIGHT. TALES FROM MUTANTVILLE features appearances from Joan Schuermeyer (Piano Lady Kill … Continue reading

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Fringe — Season Premiere Extended Look


The marketing machine from the good folks at Fox have yet another Promo out for this Thursday’s premiere. See the extended video below, but beware of potential spoilers. Since season 3 will have us splitting our time between the two universes every other week, it seems the show runners aren’t wasting anytime and have promised to start things off with a bang.

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Exile on Main St. – Supernatural Season 6 Premiere

Season 6 of Supernatural starts Fri. Sept. 24 9/8c. on CW, and a whole slew of promos have come out including the one below. This one features an extended scene from the premiere, but beware there are potentially Huge Spoilers Within; I was definitely surprised by the return of an old face that is of particular importance to the Winchester boys. The official synopsis reads: “It’s a year later and Dean has given up hunting … Continue reading

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