Celebrate The HANNIBAL Season Finale With A Couple Great Mondo Posters


If you’re a fan of the NBC series HANNIBAL than prepare to have you mind blown and you wallet emptied. Of course this week brings the season finale of season two, Friday to be exact and what a freaking season it has been. Some crazy, crazy shit going on and of course we just recently found out that season three will be happening so let’s celebrate. MONDO is of course the source of some of … Continue reading

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Some Very Colorful New One Sheets For Rob Zombie’s THE LORDS OF SALEM


Featuring a who’s who of genre vets Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM has the potential of being one large ass genre event. With the April 26th release oozing nearer by the day Zombie and his press machine are locking into high gear. Zombie does know how to market and you can expect an onslaught in the coming days. Today brings some really strange, colorful but unforgettable one sheets that warn “We’ve been waiting…we’ve always been … Continue reading

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