Film Review: Torture Room (2007)


SYNOPSIS: Accused of having terrorist ties because of a connection to Arab nationals, an American woman (Lena Bookall) is arrested by the U.S. government, tortured and eventually brainwashed into betraying those closest to her. Written, directed and produced by Eric Forberg, this topical independent thriller also stars John Forgeham, Barry J. Ratcliffe, Chad Nell, Louis Graham, Ahmed Lucan and William Tempel. REVIEW: A title like “Torture Room” doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Well at … Continue reading

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Interview: Lee Vervoort (Guntown)


What can our HorrorNews fans expect from Gun Town ? Fans can expect a new approach in horror with a western theme involved, along with a picture in high-definition. Why did you decide to go with the combination of horror/western? My friends who own the western town have dreamed of making a movie there for years, so it seemed the way to go. Plus it gave us the different approach to the horror genre. Do … Continue reading

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