Book Review: Nightwalkers Chloe of the Night – Author Keith Kekic


Nightwalkers: Chloe of the Night Nightwalkers: Chloe of the Night by Keith Kekic is the second novel in the “Nightwalkers” series. This novel is narrated by the main character from the first novel. In this book, however, our main character is an adult and is reflecting, into his notebook, visions he is having about the lives of Chloe as well as Sarah (both of whom were in the first novel). These visions reveal how Chloe … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nightwalkers – Author Keith Kekic


NIGHTWALKERS Author Keith Kekic Published by Damnation Books Publication Date: 2010 Format: Black /White – 386 pages Price: $21.85 Today I finished reading a story about a boy with a depressing life who develops a fondness for the night. This night that calls out to him and begs him to walk in its darkness and drink in its beauty. The power of the night envelops him and he begins searching for what his life is … Continue reading