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Book Review: Nightwalkers – Author Keith Kekic


Author Keith Kekic
Published by Damnation Books
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Black /White – 386 pages
Price: $21.85

Today I finished reading a story about a boy with a depressing life who develops a fondness for the night. This night that calls out to him and begs him to walk in its darkness and drink in its beauty. The power of the night envelops him and he begins searching for what his life is missing. A dark yet beautiful atmosphere lends a hand to the telling of this melancholy tale. I read of a tale of sadness, of coming of age, of love, of fear, and of disappointment. I could relate to this story of someone wanting to fit in and be a part of something bigger than myself. The story is beautiful and heart-shattering all at once.

This story is written from the viewpoint of the main character who retells his tale of how miserable his life was until he met his first, and only, love Chloe. Chloe is a Goth girl who walks the streets at night and comes upon our main character. Instantly our boy falls for her and is awe-struck by her beauty. Continuing to walk in the night our boy stumbles upon a teenage paradise know as The Sturges which is packed with video games, signs of pop culture along the walls, and a jukebox filled to capacity with an assortment of popular grunge and rock songs. The Sturges appeals to him and he enters meeting a grunge boy named Jeff who he takes an instant liking to.

Jeff eventually introduces him to Eddie and Daisy who are part of his night-walking crew along with Chloe. Not all people who roam the night are friendly, as our boy finds out; some are lurking cloaked demons who he refers to a Legion and a pack of angry teens who are led up Author a guy who he refers to as Teardrop because of his face tattoo. Soon it becomes clear that the nightwalkers and the teardrop crew are enemies bent on destroying each other. Also, plaguing our boy’s path is his crazy Aunt Nelly who takes over his house when his parents pass away.

The Sturges is an integral part of the nightwalkers life and soon becomes the heavenly haven for our boy. Here he can smoke pot and drink as much whiskey and beer as he pleases and can be a part of a group that understands and accepts him. Things seem to go well at first as he begins to gain power and build a bond with the group. Unfortunately, things start to go awry as our boy sees the darker side to the nightwalkers and the death that seems to lay in their wake. He becomes torn between his sensibilities and his love and admiration for this group, especially for Chloe. Finally he must choose whether he wants to stay on the dark path or go the path of the straight and narrow.

Actually the story itself is one that we, as the reader, must contemplate on and figure out if it’s real or the product of teenage fantasy. Could nightwalkers really exist? Could the night empower those who embrace it? Those are questions that become debated Author not only us, as the reader, but Author the main character as well. My only real complaint with the story was that it was a little slow to the start, that there was some lag time in the beginning. Other than that I believe the story was quite an alluring and emotional ride.

Keith Kekic has a flare for description and building the right atmosphere to pull in the reader. I really felt awash with emotion Author the end of the story, feeling the emotions of the main character pulling me in. I enjoyed this story and feel it is a wonderful read for anyone who has ever felt the pain or loss, the need to fit in, or even just went through the awkwardness of growing up. I highly recommend Keith Kekic’s Nightwalkers to any and all who enjoy the genres of horror and suspense.

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