Film Review: Independence Day (1996)

SYNOPSIS: “On July 2nd, communications systems worldwide are sent into chaos by a strange atmospheric interference. It is soon learned by the military that a number of enormous objects are on a collision course with Earth. At first thought to be meteors, they are later revealed to be gigantic spacecraft, piloted by a mysterious alien species. After attempts to communicate with the aliens go nowhere, David Levinson, an ex-scientist turned cable technician, discovers that the … Continue reading

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The Aliens Could Be Returning In ID4EVER


With directors Roland Emmerich’s latest “let’s blow up a bunch of places we all recognize” thriller WHITE HOUSE DOWN getting ready to hit theaters, Mr. Emmerich is out and about and talking about things and one topic that seems to keep coming up is his long rumored sequel to the massively successful Independence Day which actually came out 16 years ago! Can’t believe it’s been that long… ID4 is one of those guilty pleasure films … Continue reading

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