We Get Our First Look At BITTEN

This all seems a little TWILIGHT-Y to me. I’ll let you decide if that’s a good thing or bad. All I can say is if one werewolf sparkles, I’m out! No sparkling in the teaser clip though just some made for TV werewolf action. I’m talking about BITTEN a new series coming at us from SYFY Channel. We talked about it briefly a while back and it would appear they have moved forward fairly quickly … Continue reading

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SYFY Channel Is BITTEN By A New Series

With the insurgence of horror TV shows of late one sub genre that really hasn’t seen much love is the Werewolf genre. Well, SYFY Channel is taking care of that as they have announced a new series title BITTEN. The press release sums things up: A new breed of werewolves is coming to Syfy with the acquisition of the first season of the new Canadian scripted series “Bitten” from leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne). … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bitten (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Jack is a young man with a lot of problems. He works as a paramedic during the graveyard shift so he really doesn’t have that many friends; in fact his only friend is his coworker Roger who seems to only want to talk about things going in and out of asses. Things really start to get bad for Jack when his girlfriend Sherry leaves him for her yoga instructor. Things start to look up for Jack however … Continue reading

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