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Zombies for Sale


The automotive industry was, and still is, on life support. It’s going to take some real marketing genius for the public to change their view of it. They sold gas-guzzling behemoths and poorly made, often dangerous, economy cars for decades. Even their “environmentally friendly” hybrids have come under fire regarding their production, reliability, safety and inevitable trip to the landfill. . And, while companies like Ford are reporting operating profits over a billion dollars they … Continue reading

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THE VICTIM Set Visit: Part 2 of 3 (w/ EXCLUSIVE photos!)

Jennifer Blanc as Annie in The Victim.

Jennifer Blanc, one of the stars of the upcoming film The Victim is, in one word, spunky. You’ll recognize her from Dark Angel and Party of Five as well as a long line of film and television projects. Her character Annie is about finding the party, capturing the fun. Annie and her friend Mary (played by Danielle Harris) are trying to get their hands on some police confiscated drugs by befriending two detectives. Seduce the … Continue reading

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THE VICTIM Set Visit: Part 1 of 3 (w/ EXCLUSIVE photos!)


The epic bellow for bug spray echoed down the ridge as I was struggling to climb a sheer wall of dirt and rock in my, poorly chosen, footwear choice of sandals. To be more accurate, I shimmied up on my hands and backside to avoid the inevitable Jerry Lewis like tumble I would have taken trying to use the feet attached to my legs. Once atop the ridge, said insect repellant requester turned out to … Continue reading


In Praise of Heathens

Earlier this week I received a somewhat anonymous email from someone regarding my Kickstarter campaign for my series Death’s Doormaking some fairly interesting accusations and suggestions. I decided to correct some of the copious spelling errors he made in the interest of readability, other than that, here it is word for word. “You must be aware that your God will reject your soul if you continue to support zombies. God will not save you if … Continue reading

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