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Dracula, Mummies and More: The Roots of Classic Horror Icons

When Bram Stoker wrote his novel, Dracula, in 1897, little did he know what he was unleashing on the world. The character has become both an icon of the horror genre and popular culture. Dracula has spawned directly or indirectly a huge variety of books, television shows, video games and theme park rides. He is, arguably, the most famous horror icon …

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They’re Coming! Promo poster and trailer provide a first peek at New Mutants

There’s many a slip to be made when a studio launches a spin off to a well loved franchise, but the early indications are that we could be in for a fantastic blend of superhero action and supernatural scares with The New Mutants. 20th Century Fox has released its first promotional poster for the X-Men spinoff, and has continued the …

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The Horror of Online Casinos

The casino industry is one that has undergone something of a renaissance over the past few years, thanks largely to the massive popularity of online gambling. This, along with certain relaxations in the rules for slot machines set by the Nevada Gaming Commission, mean that there is a wider variety of slot machines than we have ever seen before. From …

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Original Horror Classics vs Remakes – Is It Time To Give Reboots The Boot?

Reboots and remakes have long been a big part of the horror film genre. Whilst some film fanatics often argue that remaking a fans’ favorite can ruin the lasting legacy of a movie, others argue that a reboot can open the original up to a brand new audience that may not have been aware of it before the remake. Nevertheless, whether you’re firmly entrenched …

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Would You Rather Fill out Paperwork or Fight the Undead Every Night? The Ultimate Top 4 Weirdest Zombie Movies

Our obsession with the metaphysical has really taken off in recent years – much to the delight of horror fans. From hit TV series like Stranger Things to this year’s return of Pennywise on the big screen for quite a chilling performance, there seems to be a little taste of horror everywhere. Yet it feels like one of our favorite …

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Jeepers Crepers III – The Saga of a Lost Sequel – Updates, History and Latest News

For some of us (including myself) the Jeepers Creepers films were an exciting celebration of good ol classic monster horror presented in a brand new shell and wrapper. The classic idea of the “monster” was never more evident in the character of “The Creeper”, the main villain of these movies. A rather evolving symbol and entity of horror that still …

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