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DAY OF THE DEAD 2-CD Soundtrack Album Now Available

2013_12_14 - DAY OF THE DEAD Soundtrack Album 01John Harrison has recorded some truly great music for George Romero’s films. My personal favorite is Creepshow (1982) and I hope that one day a full soundtrack release will finally come our way. In the meantime, his score to Mr. Romero’s 1985 film Day of the Dead zombie film has recently been released in the form of a new, 2-CD limited edition set. While the film has garnered its fair share of fans over the years since its release, the score initially put people off when they first heard it. I always loved it to begin with so this new album will appease those kindred spirits with the opportunity to hear it in it’s entirely. The pressing is limited to 3000 copies and, according to the press release, “features the film version of the score on Disc One, and the remastered original 1985 soundtrack cues on Disc Two.”

1. Day of the Dead Main Title (6:43)
2. Sarah Sees Graves/First Cave Entry (2:25)
3. Zombies Approach/Capturing Zombies (4:05)
4. You Almost Killed Rickles (1:25)
5. Sarah Dopes Miguel (0:48)
6. Where’s Frankenstein?/Bub Scares Sarah/Zombie Spills His Guts (1:21)
7. Steel, Shoot That Woman (1:51)
8. John Warns Sarah/People Got Different Ideas (1:29)
9. Sarah Hallucinates (0:38)
10. Walk to the Ritz/Sarah at the Ritz (2:09)
11. John Lectures (1:16)
12. What Hell Is Like (0:48)
13. Logan Teaching Bub/Bub Learning (2:23)
14. Backwards Chord/Miller Dies (2:17)
15. Miguel Bitten (1:58)
16. Sarah Breaks Down (2:05)
17. Logan’s Lab/Logan’s Madness/Beef Treats (4:54)
18. Those Are My Men (1:08)
19. Miguel Decides (0:24)
20. Chopper Can’t Hold Us All (3:48)
21. Laugh in the Dark (1:48)
22. Fight to Survive (1:10)
23. Fix it… You Can’t Fix it/Miguel Lets ‘em In (3:10)
24. Rhodes Leaves His Men Behind/Zombie Overrun (3:41)
25. The End of Steel/Lost in the Caves (3:42)
26. Heroes Escape (1:44)
27. Bub Stalks Rhodes/Zombies Rip Rhodes (2:12)
28. On the Beach (1:17)
Disc One Total Time (63:45)

1. The Dead Suite (19:41)
2. Break Down (3:52)
3. Escape/Invasion (3:56)
4. The Dead Walk (4:49)
5. If Tomorrow Comes* (3:39)
6. The World Inside Your Eyes* (3:38)
Disc Two Total Time (39:41)
*Performed by Sputzy Sparacino & Delilah Music Composed by John Harrison, Jim Blazer and Sputzy Sparacino Music Performed by Modern Man Recorded at Jeree Studios by Don Garvin and Rex Burke Produced by Tom Cosie

NOTE: This pressing is different from the February 2002 release by Numenorean Music (NMCD 001):


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