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Clive Barker Being Sued – Accused of Giving Ex HIV and Kicking Him Out

Famed horror writer Clive Barker is in the major media today for being sued by his ex-boyfriend for allegedly giving him HIV then kicking him out of his house and leaving him broke.

Emilian David Armstrong filed suit against Barker alleging that they had a relationship stemming from the 90’s and that he was diagnosed with HIV in 1996. He says Barker had told him to get tested and said that he had HIV from a previous incestuous relationship with his HIV positive cousin. The suit also alleges that Barker had large sex parties, an addiction to drugs such as pharmaceuticals, methamphetamine, and cocaine, as well as a drinking problem.

Armstrong is seeking damages 16 years after he allegedly contracted HIV from Barker because he said he was hoping to work it out in private. He claims after being with Barker until 2003, Barker threw him and his daughter out of his house and left them broke and homeless. He claims that he is entitled to monetary rewards because he was a “partner” in Barker’s enterprise when they were together as well as spoken promises that Barker would take care of him for the rest of his life.

The suit is currently pending. More on the story as it develops…


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  1. lol, so classic…not at all surprised

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