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“Midnight Hour” brews a macabre mystery in April

A Gothic mansion, trashy love, ghastly murders and a bizarre mystery are served up to horror fans in the April, 2012 episode of “Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour.” The entry, titled “Kiss the Blood from My Lips,” tells the story of a glamorous heiress (Alora Catherine Smith), who risks her father’s (Kef Lee) deadly wrath by dating a sleazy young man (Jesse Nagy) of whom daddy vehemently disapproves. Murder and madness follow in a mystery that culminates in a memorable closing scene.

This latest entry in the series’ fourth season benefits from its Gothic setting and striking visual design. Gruesome special photographic effects courtesy co-producer/film editor Brian Schoof add ghastly excitement at just the right moments and the end result is an entertaining ride for genre enthusiasts.

“We always try to avoid covering territory other films and series have traveled,” says series Lee Martin. “Personally, I hate doing anything that is being done by everyone else. Always have. When it comes to writing for a series, developing original themes may take longer, but it’s far more satisfying.”

“Kiss the Blood from My Lips” debuts Thursday, April 5 and repeats every Thursday and Saturday throughout the month. For channels, times and a live streaming video simulcast link, visit www.leemartinsthemidnighthour.com

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