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Rage – Midsummer’s Eve signs an international deal with Aspect Film

American horror feature Rage – Midsummer’s Eve set in the Arctic Circle has signed an international Sales Agency deal. The film will be introduced to distribution companies for the first time in the European Film Market (EFM) during Berlin’s International Film Festival, starting today in Germany.

The international Sales Agency representing the film is UK based Aspect Film, which also represents such as The Cloth starring Danny Trejo and Eric Roberts, as well as Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, starring Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie’s Halloween films, Urban Legend). In the representation of Aspect Film, the cast of Rage – Midsummer’s Eve, Johnny Sachon, Michael Vardian, Holly Georgia, Greta Mandelin and Christian Sandstrom will join the growing list of international talents, including stars such as Malin Akerman, Micheal Biehn, Tom Bower, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Brad Dourif, Judy Greer, Danielle Harris, Sebastian Koch, Bill Moseley, Nikki Reed, Eric Roberts and Danny Trejo, who all star in the films represented by the company.

“We are delighted to welcome Tii Ricks’ Rage – Midsummer’s Eve into the Chiller Films fold.  Tii and the La Brea Pictures team, have crafted a horror flick set in extraordinary circumstances, yet eerily real surroundings; white nights and midnight sun – shot entirely in Finland and the Finnish Arctic Circle”,  says Hugh Edwards of Aspect Film & Chiller Films.

Besides EFM, Rage – Midsummer’s Eve will be present in Cannes, London’s International Film Festival and also in American Film Market (AFM) later this year.

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