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Horror Art: Gloria Gypsy


Gloria Gypsy is a freelance artist and photographer currently resides in the 3rd density. She is a distant dreamer, a wanderer. She sees the world differently from others. She lives in the moment, seeing the beauty of the moment.

To me Art is an intimate process of projecting myself and my perspective onto the world, and the images that I produce as a result exist as a very personal reflection of myself. My art is a material reflection of my soul. My art represents my eternal processes of finding, understanding and defining myself. As I am ever evolving so to is my art ever evolving.

Gloria Gypsy art piece 1Gloria Gypsy art piece 2Gloria Gypsy art piece 3Gloria Gypsy art piece 4Gloria Gypsy art piece 5Gloria Gypsy art piece 6Gloria Gypsy art piece 7Gloria Gypsy art piece 8


Horror Art: Gloria Gypsy

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