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Friday Death Slot: Fringe vs Supernatural

For those of you who have been scratching your heads looking for Fringe on Fox fear not, it hasn’t been canceled it’s been moved. To Friday nights, and for those of you Fox fans who know their history, you know that means one thing: Friday Death Slot! It’s the next best thing to being canceled, or not, you know what I mean. Yes, in a surprise move Fox moved Fringe away from its Thursday slot in the 2009-2010 season and pushed it into the wasteland that is Friday night. This startled some fans who are aware that Fridays can signify the death knell of a show, and Fox in apparent anticipation of this response was prompted to create a special promotional spot where they acknowledged the move and even had their tongues planted firmly in cheek (See the spot below.)


But, all apparently isn’t lost as the initial positive ratings seem to have caught everyone off guard. Bill Gorman, co-founder of ratings watchdog site TV by the Numbers, said in an interview with TV.com, said, “I’m surprised [Fringe’s Friday-night ratings] started as high as they did…And I’m surprised they were steady for the second week.”

So far so good, but there’s one thing to consider; for those initial weeks Fringe hasn’t had much in the way of competition. Starting tonight Fox and co will have the CW heavyweight Supernatural to contend with. Supernatural, now in the middle of its sixth season, has an extremely loyal fan base, and has also been moved into the Death Slot and is going head-to-head with Fringe at 9PM. Many are concerned the two genre heavy shows might conflict and “cannibalize” one another’s audience. Even Gorman is curious, saying, “I’ll be waiting on Saturday morning for the [ratings] news just like the rest of us in this universe.”

This isn’t the first time these shows have had to face off, and thanks to 21st century technology it shouldn’t be hard for fans to catch both, besides my parents are there any genre fans out there who Don’t have a DVRBut for the rest of us let’s hope there’s enough hard drive space to go around.

Check out TV.com’s piece Here.

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