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Book Review: The Molting – Author Terrance Zdunich

Written by Terrance Zdunich
Published by (self published)
Publication Date: 2009
Format: color – 34 pages
Price: $7.99

In chapter one of THE MOLTING, we follow Suzie and Tony Deveraux as they’re custody is given to their not so savory Uncle and his equally as disgusting wife after what seems to be the death of their parents. The pair doesn’t seem too happy as they are driven away to their home in the back of the truck with a decrepit wheel chair and snarling attack dog to keep them company.

They arrive to the home that they lived in prior to their tragedy, that the judge gave to the gruesome pair set to raise them, only to have their new “protectors” start ravaging through their parents old things. They don’t make a move until their mothers record player is started. Not being able to sit back and watch, Suzie runs to stop them from touching her mother’s things. The uncle becomes enraged and as he went to punish Suzie, her brother Tony steps in only to become injured for his valor.

The terrified pair go to bed but Suzie is too scared to sleep until Tony promises that he will never let them hurt her. He finally drifts off to sleep. One year later, deciding that she can no longer live like that, she tells Tony that it is time to run away. They devise a plan, yet it doesn’t pan out. It only bring more tragedy into these young children’s lives.

Terrance wrote and illustrated this beautifully set 32 page graphic novel much in the same thread as he had designed the graphics for REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA.

I am normally not a fan of these types of books as sometimes the formatting can get a little tedious to follow but the way Terrance allowed the pictures and story to flow with such ease can only be compared to few.
This story has a start that literally drew me in and demanded that I become a fan right now! And I did.

To be honest, I like the fact that a lot of it is set in past tense while showing you the present. You read the words of the judge’s best intention while showing the horrible effects of his decision.

This is an awesome graphic novel for horror fans and comic fans alike, I would definitely recommend that you pick up your copy today!


Available from The Molting Comic

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