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Online Slot Machine Payout Percentages Not Horrific!

Should you be looking for the occasional diversion from watching horror themed films then you may be interested in playing slot machines online for many of them are based around such films but will offer you the chance of winning big!

There are of course hundreds of different casino sites offering all manner of different slot games, and thousands of different casino and slot sites you can play at too!

If you do fancy playing some fun slot games which do boast higher than average payout percentages then you will be best advised to play some of those that are listed below, for as you are about to discover those slot are high paying and also boast plenty of unique features too!

Cool Wolf – If you are the type of slot machine player who wants to play slots offering a rather basic type of playing structure and format then there will be no shortages of such games accessible in lots online casino sites but you will always be best advised to play those that come with high payout percentages!

One slot therefore that we feel is certainly worth tracking down and playing is the Cool Wolf slot game and the reason we feel it is a slot worthy of your play time and attention is that its payout percentage has been set over the long term at an above average 96.47%!

Dragon Dance – It is quite rare to find slot machines that boast long term expected payout percentages over 97%, however we are pleased to announce we have managed to track such a slot game down and that slot is the Dragon Dance slot.

You will find that slot is available only at casino sites that have the range of recently launched Microgaming designed slot machines on offer, but when you do so and start to play it you will be playing a slot with a long term payout percentage of a very appealing and very attractive 98.00%!

Frozen Diamonds – The higher the payout percentage that any slot machine has been designed to return to player based on their stakes in regards to the winning payouts the better, and with that in mind another highly playable slot that will be worth checking out is the multi-stake Frozen Diamonds slot.

The one major aspect in regards to the design of that slot machine that did catch our eye is its very generous RTP of 97.00%, which should ensure you do get plenty of play time from your bankroll when you set about playing it online.

High Five – You will not be faced with many decisions when playing the High Five online slot game for it is a single payline slot and one on which you can play up to three coins per spin on that one single payline.

However, you should only ever play this high variance slot with all three coins in live play as that way you have the chance of winning a mega 15,000 coin jackpot payout, plus thanks to its huge 97.43% payout percentage you will always get more than a fair chance of winning when you do send its three reels spinning!

Hot Ink – One final very high paying slot machine you should try and play online is the Hot Ink slot, for that slot offers a huge long term expected payout percentage of some 97.50% but it also comes with an unusual feature. Instead of spinning all five of its reels per game you can opt instead to spin just one of them which will call for a completely different strategy when playing this video slot!

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