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Hannibal Il Monstro T-Shirt Giveaway from TeePublic

Hannibal is the best horror on TV and the third season is raising the bar with every episode. The latest episode, Primavera, contains some of the sickest, creepiest imagery on Network television – ever. The stuff of nightmares.

To celebrate, TeePublic is teaming up with Horror News Radio, the official HorrorNews.Net podcast and the Hannibal Fan Podcast to provide an exclusive giveaway. The design, based on the second episode of season three, is from the incredible t-shirt artist Nemons created especially for the podcast and the giveaway. Titled IL MONSTRO, it features the kick-ass motorcycle Hannibal is driving around Europe along with references to the Monster of Florence and other Hannibal nuggets.

Click the images below to enter today, the deadline is fast approaching ending Midnight June 17, 2015. You can enter each day. You can also check out the design available on Teepublic and purchase it while it is still available. And look for posts on HorrorNews.Net about the Hannibal Fan podcast featuring many of the hosts from Horror News Radio.

ilMonstro-design ilMontro-shirt

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