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Vamps: Melantha Blackthorne


Melantha Blackthorne is a director, actress, and co-owner of Robomonkey Productions. She has over ten years experience in both independent and mainstream cinema.

As a child Melantha had a wild imagination and was fascinated by the monster that could be hiding in her closet or the serial killer who just may be waiting under her bed. Eventually the things that scared Melantha…mainly death, turned into an obsession. She would rent all of the horror movies she could find and read creepy old books uncovered in her grandmother’s decrepit library. She had vivid nightmares for years and hated being scared but at the same time was so intrigued that she couldn’t help but overload her brain with these atrocities. Melantha eventually started writing little stories of her own and then borrowed her father’s camera to capture some of her visions on video.

As she grew her taste for horror evolved into something of a fetish and she began to explore new and unique ways to express herself. In 1999 she created the web character Countess Bathoria who symbolized her love of erotica, darkness, blood and violence. Almost overnight the character and the website gained legions of fans. It didn’t take long for Melantha to be asked to play a vampire in an independent film.

Melantha’s company, Robomonkey Productions, has produced three feature films: Sinners and Saints, Order of One, and Countess Bathoria’s Graveyard Picture Show. All three films premiered at Montreal’s prestigious Fantasia Film Festival and have received critical acclaim from numerous magazines and websites.

Blackthorne’s work as an actor includes starring in the films She Demons of the Black Sun, Prison of the Psychotic Damned, Aversion, and many more. Blackthorne’s indie film success has led to her mainstream exposure in Paul Anderson’s (Soldier, Resident Evil) Death Race 2000 starring Jason Statham (Crank, Transporter).

In one of many projects scheduled for production in 2012, Blackthorne is slated to reprise the classic role of Frankenstein’s Bride originally filmed by Universal Studios.

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