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Magazine Review: The Dark Side Magazine – Issue 149

THE DARK SIDE – Issue 149

Ghoulish Publishing

Editor: Allan Bryce

Behind yet another beautifully evocative painted cover lies issue 149 of the UK’s longest running horror movie magazine, and it is going from strength to strength. This latest issue is an Indie Horror Special, and as ever features a wealth of material for fans of both the classic and contemporary eras of the genre we love.

Interviews this issue include Woman In Black/Kick Ass/X-Men: First Class writer Jane Goldman (who looks ever so slightly insane in the full-page photo), the legends-in-the-making the Manetti brothers, Ti West, the Asylum’s Mark Atkins, Jeff Broadstreet (of “Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimation”), James Moran (“Tower Block” and “Cockneys Vs Zombies”), Puppet Master writer Kenneth Hall, Jeff Burr (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, The Stepfather etc) and more.

A feature with Rites of Spring director Padraig Reynolds is particularly interesting, offering some great detail on the evolution of that film. Another high point is the remarkably candid interview with Mark Atkins, addressing many points a lot of us have often wondered about the way The Asylum works, including their shooting schedules and the manner in which their ‘mockbusters’ are marketed.

The reviews section continues to impress, with lengthy and enjoyable reviews of new releases including the Twins of Evil Blu/DVD combo pack, Altered States, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, The Blood Beast Terror and many more. One review that pleased me greatly was the one for the Blu Ray release of The Colossus Of New York, an enjoyable 1950s sci-fi yarn which I was convinced nobody but me still cared about. I’m glad it’s coming out again for people to discover.

New movies covered include Airborne, Harold’s Going Stiff, [REC]3: genesis, The Reverend, Blood Car, the shorts compilation Ultimate Zombie Feast and a platter of other goodies. The Dark Side continues to entertain and inform, and it’s very pleasing to hear that the magazine’s circulation is rising. So it should, as right now it’s one of the highest quality genre publications in existence.

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