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2012 Fall TV Genre Shows – Cancellations and Renewals

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As the 2012 Fall TV season rolls forward, we’ll have to say goodbye to a few decent genre “related” shows. Though with cancellation comes renewals as well, so hopefully this will help you plan your viewing nights appropriately. With the exception of 1 or 2, I hate to see any of these go…….but with that, let’s hope that there’s something more interesting to take their place for the genre fans. (please note: there may be a few that were left off this list, but we feel we commented on the important ones)


Alcatraz (Fox)
I’m not suprised, though it was still an OK show. I followed this the first 7-8 episodes and then lost interest. I’m not surprised that it didn’t get a season 2

Terra Nova (Fox)
A great show, I quite enjoyed….. is officially canceled for Fall while the property is still open to other networks who’d like to acquire it.

The River (ABC)
A pretty cool series that I guessed would only last 1 round. It always struck me as a 1-off meant for a movie, but extended into a series. I think this one suffered from lack of advertising after it launched. After 2 episodes of commercials it seemed to completely disappear off the radar.

The Secret Circle (CW)
Another one of those teen angst series that put me to sleep after the 2nd episode. I believe it tried to copy the “Vampire Dairies” formula but fell to the wayside.


American Horror Story (FX):
Badass thriller horror mind-screw of a series…. got officially renewed for a 2nd season for 13 episodes. No word on actual date yet.

Alphas (SyFy):
Gets a renewal. I never really got into this one, however it still has some decent aspects going for it.

Being Human (SyFy) :
Big silent high five….. I dig the “Being Human” episodes. Great to see it will return with a season 3

Fringe (Fox):
Is the beast that won’t quit. The series actually feels like it ended several season ago but keeps on ticking. I’m a fan and am glad to see it survived. Though any Fringe fans will admit its gone in some strange directions. Renewed for a final season 5(13 episodes)

Falling Skies (TNT):
I was just starting to get into season 1 when it just kind of disappeared. Word is, that its 2nd season will begin July 17..good news

Grimm (NBC):
Of course we are Grimm fans! Grimm has been picked up for a season 2…lot of monsters in this one, great to see it pull forward!

Haven (Syfy):
Another cool show that has been renewed for season 3. I admit to being really behind on its episodes, but I liked what I saw.

Nikita (CW):
Rocking! I actually love this series but guessed it wouldn’t last past season 1….low and behold “Nikita” moves into a Fall Season 3. Good News! – and a great series to follow.

Sanctuary (SyFy):
Was a big fan with season 1-2, The show went on to 2 more seasons. As of right now, confirmation is still waiting on renewal or cancellation.

Supernatural (CW):
Wow! It was on the chopping block and the fan base keeps it in demand. Season 8 has been confirmed for 2012!….Now if it makes it to season 9 (next year) it will have lasted as long as the X-files. You have to wonder with all these angels kicking each others butts…if God will ever make an appearance??

The Vampire Diaries (CW)
Not a fan, but word is that its been renewed for a season 4 for 2012

True Blood (HBO):
Of course…there MUST be a True Blood renewal. Word just came over that season 5 will begin shortly. True Blood is way too good to ever cancel…that is unless Sookie decides to move on.

Warehouse 13 (SyFy)
I loved season 1 and then had trouble keeping tuned in….goods news, it’s made it to season 4 for 2012. Lots of back DVDs to catch up on

2012 Fall TV Genre Shows – Cancellations and Renewals

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