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Film Review: Saint (Sint) (2010)


A horror film that depicts St. Nicholas as a murderous bishop who kidnaps and murders children when there is a full moon on December 5.


You better watch out, you better not…. Ok, couldn’t resist. Santa Claus is not coming to town but his evil persona Saint Nicholas is. Call it an old saint Nick slasher film or maybe a much needed quality Xmas time horror movie (Dutch style). Still this is a pretty bad ass little Santa-esque movie that pumps some new adrenalin into the often derivative horror genre. While sporting a creepy zombie face, Nicholas takes on the image of a staff wielding Bishop. Though the bishop in this case is not working for the church.

Now before we get into the main plot, you have to know that in interim Saint Nicolas originated in the 1500’s and was considered a pretty bad guy. His MO seemed to be the murdering of 100’s without mercy. Over the years the church of course covered its tracks and changed the story but, early Nick was not well liked.

As retribution for his atrocities, he is murdered one night and burned to death on his boat by the local villagers. Yep, the middle ages were not a good time for Nick. The film skips forward a few times to the particular date of December 5 (earlier and then present). More importantly every Dec 5 (in Holland  none-the-less) that sports a full moon, is the signal for Nick to arise. This tortured spirit has become sort of a urban legend, one that has been  historically naughty all the time. When he arrives with his army of nasty ass “Black Petes”, its’ pretty much guaranteed that they’ll  slit your throat and yank your eyes out (or otherwise) if you cross their path. Not a good time especially on Holiday season.

Well, as it turns out, Saint Nicolas is celebrated in the present as a festive gift giving all-around icon. Though one boy who is now 40 years older remembers the day Saint Nicholas arrived and slaughtered his entire family. Let’s just say he’s been waiting for a chance to pay back on this tragedy. His colleagues laugh at his obsessions, but they have no idea what’s in store for the village of Amsterdam.

The present is filled with young naive teens who celebrate the event as a festive celebration. Many sport ST. Nick outfits much like a early Halloween season (an ode to Nick). Though this year there won’t be much to celebrate as nasty Nick arrives and starts his killing spree. Riding a white horse, he seems to be pretty ninja-like in his ability to hop from rooftop to rooftop. The cops are having a bitch of a time catching him and meanwhile his army of “Pete’s” are slashing people off left and right.

The movie arrives a great pace that has a darkly sense of humor combined with the old school slasher fare sort of feel. It’s effects are kept within the practical realm giving the production that classic old school production end. It may be also likely that a franchise could arrive out of Saint Nick as a bad ass monster man. A highlight for me was some pretty great shots involving Nick and his horse. As the horse plummets down onto a car top, I began to wonder how it was accompanied and looked so authentic.

Now, being in this business and knowing how things roll downhill, let’s get this out of the way. This is not the Santa movie that you should inflict on your younger ones. It’s purely meant in good fun for the adult crowd who like to see a new concept brought into a festive holiday season. St. Nicholas is your villain this round, he’s not Jason or Freddy but he is something new. Keep your spirits high with this Netherland creation film as it is as fun to watch as it is creepy. A solid horror film promising to be the next icon, perhaps its time for St. Nicholas to take over. I loved every bit of this violent horror masterwork.

Saint (Sint) (2010)

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  1. stupid yanks this is not a dutch xmas tradition


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