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Book Review: Planetary Transformation – Author Imre Vallyon


We are approaching not only a new age but a paradigm shift of mass proportions. It might be the most active time in our history for new age writers to emerge and inform us of coming changes. And yet, within all of that is a weird mixture of enlightening vs darkness. It’s hard to really know who is informed and who is just speculating. Of course I suppose its really all speculation on some level.

Within this hodge podge of metaphysical miracles, life changing transformations and “run for cover” writing are the creations from intellects who for whatever reason, have something to say. More importantly they have something to tell us. Author Imre Vallyon is one such writer who has alot of new ideas to throw our way. In essence, I believe his writing is focused on the glory and goodness of it all but it still doesn’t make it any less harder to swallow.

This planetary transformation is “our” coming into the age of Aquarius, is “our” movement into the 2012 predictions and is “our” inner beings being ripped apart into a new way of experiencing things. I for one couldn’t think of anything better … that is, transforming into our next level of being…the kind that science fiction novels and films are rooted on. Now, while there are many sections that are so new thinking to me I had to read them twice to absorb, I believe our author is prepping us for this change. Imre puts the change pretty clearly. Our children and grand children will experience much of this change. We all will reach intensified emotional states including the increase in mental activity within our society. We will enter a state that surpasses out simplistic age of only material. Our consciousness will expand to great heights including better abilities to talk to the dead and outer realms. We will attune ourselves to auras. colors and signs that we were blind to before. We will become more attuned to an astral life.

Wow! that’s alot to consume. What if?

Imre is a visionary, He is informed thru his work on energy and the mind, body and spirit.

There is alot of reference to us being beings of light. Imre tries to explain to us in several different ways that our perception is askew as to who we truly are. He goes further to say that those who don’t think outside the box more or less will not be able to make the transformation. And this transformation will take work. The explanations weave into and out of a Christ acceptance which would also indirectly suggest what he’s talking about. Though in my best guest, all his chapters are suggesting…accept who we are to become and always were. He calls us infinite beings, and that our life as tunnel visioned as we accept, is only a phase of our existence. Whatever religion you are most acquainted with, this notion should be good news. While our earth stage is “only” a stage. Our beings are infinite. I’m hoping myself that I will get more opportunity to experience ,explore and accept this notion. It would answer alot of questions for me.

“Planetary Transformation” contains alot to consume. In that, you can still generalize some of the messages that Imre is trying to convey. This includes us being, beings of energy, of light and that all things are excelling to a point of transformation. Those who resist will ultimately fail into darker waters, those who accept our true nature will ascend. In that analogy, one would instantly assume religion of sorts, but it’s actually a call to taking a further step into realizing that material beings are not all that we were meant to be. It’s just easier to accept as we have lived our lives under this literal treadmill of life.

While deep in metaphysics and new age, this book still stands as a recommended read to all. I believe thru the deeper parts lurks some real truth that should at the very least be at the back of your minds. It’s not a call for all to accept but it is a roadmap of a potential origins, horizons and expectations.  The book also contains a pretty slick glossary of terms used, which is a great help to defining some of the terms used through-out. Used in combination with the literal teachings, I believe you are on your way to what Imre is calling the “enlightenment”

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