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Intrusion 2 – Disconnected: filming begins May

“There are no happy endings”.

Tiffany Shepis joins the cast of “Intrusion 2: Disconnected”. Shepis will come on board for a supporting role. The film will star returning cast: Katie Stewart, Lee Haycraft, Tyler House and Kyle Cates with welcomed co-stars award winning actress, Sebrina Siegel and Shawn Taiwone Francis.

Kyle Cates will direct, with an award-winning, “5 out of 5” critic rated script by original “Intrusion” writer, Craig Everett Earl and James Houk (“An Affirmative Act”) will serve as the film’s cinematographer. Expect a body count of at least 20 for this one, well-developed characters and lots of scares. More information available soon at www.rosebudkiller.com

FILM Synopsis:
Nearly a year after the events of “Intrusion” the mysterious Death of the rose bud killer leaves questions unresolved.With lone survivor, Holly recovering from post traumatic stress, the body count rises once again.Now with Holly’s mental stability slipping she claims the killer is still alive, with only dead boyfriend Peter by her side.

More info: http://www.rosebudkiller.com/

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  1. New website at http://rosebudkiller.com. (no www.) We’re in the process of revamping the site. Enjoy!


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