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Film Review: Cannibal Terror (Terreur cannibale) (1980)

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Two crooks (Mario and Roberto) kidnap a girl and hide out in the house of a friend who lives by trading with the natives in a nearby jungle. The friend’s wife is raped by Mario; she exacts revenge by tying him to a tree and leaving him to the cannibals. She then informs the kidnapped girl’s parents of their daughter’s whereabouts, and the crooks flee through the jungle


Euro trash is always a pretty fun viewing. Partly because you never know what you gonna see. In my latest viewing, I had the pleasure of watching the film “Cannibal Terror” directed by Allan W. Steeve which is a re-release by Severin Films. Filmed in 1981 and running 89 minutes CT is both horrifying and humorous at times. The humor comes from the film style and some of the methods they used at that time. My guess is they weren’t intended that way, but that’s the fun part of watching older films. Our story starts with two “2-bit” thieves (Mario and Roberto) and there busty criminal cohort partner Madame Danville who have this great idea that they could make some cash by kidnapping the daughter of a wealthy tycoon. As they execute there plan they head to the jungle to hideaway. Now I should mention that as seductive as Madame tries to present, she never takes here top off. I’m not sure why I found this strange, though it seemed like a given for a film like this.


There first encounter, a female contact who helps them over the border is the first to go. As she steps away from her jeep, she is attacked and taken back by a group of cannibals. Now of course, we skip the courting and go straight into the gutting and feeding on he intestines. It all pretty much happens that fast, so no time for a cheese tray break.

The cannibals range from tan to white-skinned and look pretty much like frat boys in war paints. This was my first humorous observation. The next being the feast, is humorous as well as we never see the girl with the camera zoomed in on the intestines. The pullback also doesn’t really resemble that of a human body as they smother the cow guts across there faces. Good times at the cannibal camp.


Next we find ourselves with the crooks again as they meet there hideaway contact to take camp and shack up. 5 minutes in and one of the crooks is off raping the host’s wife after watching her bathe in the backyard, pretty funny. Not the fact that she gets raped as the idea of it. He also loosely wraps her hands in rope that looks like she’s holding on more than being bound against her will. I call this the gratuitous complimentary rape the kind hospitable host’s wife segment.

The next shot they are all having a fiesta , dancing away and drinking….go figure. Gotta love this crap. Though, numbskull the raper eventually becomes food for the forest creeps.

The acting in this film that goes without saying is pretty bad. It gets worst with the pseudo-cannibals. Supposedly taking place in a jungle, the environment is more like a local forest with some palms thrown in for ambience.


CT is noted as being banned in Britain for its nastiness. Though it probably should be banned for bad impersonations of real cannibals. I couldn’t get past that simple fact, as they ranged from mexican to surf-punks, to overweight car salesman actors. Add to that some odd and cheesy italian music and you’ve got yourself a humdinger! A few more cannibal scenes are thrown in for shock, but the film is basically a walk through the forest to find the camp where there daughter was taken. The cannibals seem to lack hunting skills as it takes 10 cannibals hiding in the woods to finally bow and arrow one unlucky victim. Not much for agressive attack plans.


These films aren’t meant to be taken serious. Or at least I would hope not. They are below FX standards, below acting standards and the plot changes are incomprehensible at times. That’s the fun in Euro trash. Pull this one out at your next party and I’m sure you’ll all share a few laughs as you pick your fav non-tan cannibal from the group. Available at Severin Films for some bad culty cannibalistic nonsense.

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Cannibal Terror is now available on bluray per Severin Films

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