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Film Review: Jurassic Night (short film) (2019)

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An accident in a genetic company lets dinosaurs escape. Dinosaurs invasion. Dinosaurs attack. T-Rex Chase.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have JURASSIC NIGHT, written and directed by Andrea Ricca.

I  have reviewed many of this filmmaker’s films before and I truly love them. For those who don’t know his work, these films are very short (usually no more than five minutes tops), with no dialogue and usually featuring only one live actor. The rest is done with CGI animation that is created by the filmmaker.

Because these are basically a “one man show” type of productions, I have all the love for them. The filmmaker is very prolific, producing several of these films a year.

What sets each one apart is the quality of the CGI. I am a fan overall of every film I have seen, but in some cases I have to call out the animation.

In this case, we have the basic storyline of a certain film that features dinosaurs, and it does a great job encapsulating the story into a brief moment of time. Its fun to watch, just like the other films this filmmaker has produced.

In this case, however, I do have to call out the CGI. In some cases, its brilliant. Very detailed and the movement is realistic. In other cases, its really bad. Super flat, bad seams, and just doesn’t fit into the reality in which it is placed.

But as I said, I am a fan of this filmmaker’s work overall and I recommend watching any and all them, because for one person alone to make a film is something to be admired.

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