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Book Review: Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z – Author Jim Willis

Written by Jim Willis, Barbara Willis
Published by Visible Ink Press
Publication Date: 2006
Format: Black /White – 464 pages
Price: $24.95

Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z” is a 464 page book set up encyclopedia style with the focus of Armageddon as the overview subject matter. It documents and details everything and anything that have significance to the Armageddon myth and historical base of interest in relation to the end of the world. Written by Jim & Barbara Willis who are introduced in the book intros as Christians, have spent considerable time collecting and writing a strong base of material that ranges from heavy religious teachings to modern associations. Those who are familiar with the Armageddon prophecies know that it largely stems from religion, so the inclusion of religous subject matters to explain it is not uncommon at all. Though if you think its’ “only” a religion book, its not.

Cycles of the world, phenomena, world disasters, current affairs and explanations of other religions that correlate are explained in pretty formal but interesting details. I found that this book is not only an interest book but very educational on a wide variety of related subject matters. For instance, we of course know about “God” but the book breaks down how he is perceived in different ways. Religions such as Jehovah’s Witness who seem to be solicitors (at least to me) are given the proper backing of why and how. Global warming is discussed and a bit of the controversial aspects that have arisen in regards to it.

Asteroids, Christianity and even Jimmy Carter’s run as a Christian president are included. questions come in subjects addressed. How does Hollywood’s end of world vary against the teachings? Do you know the difference between eternity and infinity? What does science say about the end of times. What about deeper subjects like how time and space are unified and what they mean to each other ? What does Billy Graham have to do with things? How about Isaiah, Daniel, Egypt and Carl Sagan?

While it may seem that the spectrum runs wide, it takes great interest in not leaving anything out of significance. The Bible speaks of many things to come to pass which a sign of the times is only a confirmation of these times and what has been experienced in these times. Y2K to the significance of water to even the presidency run of Ronald Reagan. All is covered with a close thread of unity. Easy to find title headers, nice illustration accompaniments and varying subjects of interest make for a pretty complete collection of ideas, research and background.

A book like this cant exist without conspiracies and controversy entering the realm. Much that we assume and take for granted are exactly that…a part of something bigger, something covered or something fabricated for a different purpose. It is within everyone to educate themselves and not only feed curiosity but get up to speed on the what others have done the work on. This book provides plenty of backing that enables that wish.

After perusing much of the material I know full well that this book would be referred to time and time again as a great reference book. There are 2 kinds of books that cover these details on the market…the more extensive reads and the reference reads.

Each hold its own purpose but this book provides quick answers for those who cant invest a sea of time into several volumes on specific subject matter. I enjoyed it greatly for not what it is but what it will be in the time ahead when I’ve given up on Wikipedia for answers and need to get something more precise and focused.

Book Review: Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z – Author Jim Willis

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