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Most Horrible Nightmare of the Students

There are many different ideas and theories on why we have nightmares, but one thing is for sure – they put us in scary situations and force us to deal with things we don’t want. As a student, you may be put into the challenging situations that seem pretty hard to solve too. Here are a few of the nightmarish things you may face while being involved in an educational process.

Difficult classes

You may find yourself in classes that are much more difficult than what you are used to, and you may have more than one of these. You also have to juggle all the assignments that come along with these classes. One may expect you to make a presentation, another may ask you to write an essay, which may be long, and you may not know what to expect when you have to put 3000 words to pages. The teacher might have more expectations or rules, as well. You may be required to run your work through a plagiarism checker to ensure that it is unique. It can be a headache trying to keep it all straight.Living on your own

If you are living on campus, this may be the first time you are not living with your family. You are likely to settle in a campus house or an apartment. It can be scary living on your own or with people that you don’t know. You will also likely have to take care of things you might not have before, such as buying food or doing laundry. You are suddenly expected to live in, so to say ‘student house’ and act like an adult being not ready for that.

Time management

As we said before, you will likely have to deal with hundreds of home tasks in college. You might have four or five essays all due in the same week, and you are expected to figure out how to get them all done. There are other things demanding your time. Along with your responsibilities as an independent person, there might be social events or extracurricular activities you are involved in, such as sports or music contests. It may become difficult to complete everything you need in time. You will really need to improve your time management skills and prioritize the tasks before you enroll in a college.


College can be expensive. Textbooks, food, travel, tuition… all of that money adds up. You might be working while you go to school. Not only does this put pressure on you to do well at work, but it is also one more thing that demands your time. Making sure that you have enough money to live while going to school can be a real struggle. Even if you have loans to help you, it can be hard to manage your finances and ensure that you will have enough to get you through the college experience.

Physical and mental health

With all of the pressure and stress, it is really easy to become overwhelmed. Many students become depressed or face other mental hardships. Having to remember to check for plagiarism or come up with a lot of argumentative essay topics is difficult. Working long hours might force you to stay up late doing your coursework, and the lack of sleep is not good either. All of this might come together and cause a greater risk of various illnesses. Your body may have troubles keeping up with all of the things you are asking it to do, and you might develop fatigue and other strains. You might be tempted to turn to alcohol or other substances to help you cope with all of the stress.

This paints a very dark picture of the things that you might face as a student. The good news is that it is not as bad as it seems. You can do it. If you need help, reach out the resources that your college provides you with, such as a counselor or an advisor. There are lots of people who are happy to help you and want to see you succeed. Don’t give up and you will do a great job!

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