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Scientists Answer Why Students Love Horror Movies So Much

2019 has already surprised fans of horror movies with such film as Us (Jordan Peele) and Brightburn (James Gunn), while It: Chapter Two (Andy Muschietti) is about to hit a big screen in the nearest future. Lots of students rub together their hands in anticipation of a new portion of adrenaline and thrilling emotions. They keep abreast of the new horror film releases and attend their premieres. Why do they enjoy the horror genre so much?

Why Horror Movies?

Presently, Hollywood horror is undergoing a renaissance. The horror genre, whose original objective was limited to scaring viewers to death, has considerably evolved. In the past few years, the Pleiades of new talented director surprised us with such films as Hereditary, The Witch, Annihilation, Apostle, Suspiria, and many others. The traditional horror genre has become more intellectual. It’s hard to ignore the psychological depth of the aforementioned films, as well as the overall tendency to aestheticize what used to be unseemly or hideous. Blood, mutilation, gore, and corpses are portrayed not only to arouse aversion and scare us, but also to evoke our primordial senses, make us transcend the bodily boundaries and come into contact with the unknown, otherworldly, and unexplainable.

No wonder, horror films are so popular with students. Young learners are the most responsive, progressive, and arguably romantic social category that can tell a quality film when they see it. I used to allow online writing services to write my research paper for me to have more time for my favorite occupation – to watch and create reviews of the latest horror movies for the popular websites. Presently, students have even more opportunities to get through with their homework with the help of such a reliable academic writing service as PapersOwl that boasts an impeccable reputation and provides academic help to thousands of students on a daily basis. Now that you know where to get help with your assignments, you may attend a new horror movie premiere at the local theater or go on reading our article to uncover the secret of horror movies’ popularity.

Lack of Adrenaline

Despite the common claims that the world is now more dangerous than before, sociologist argue that people’s life has become much safer and more predictable that ever before, especially in economically developed countries. More and more people feel like living an insipid life devoid of drive and adrenaline capable of overstimulating your brain. And what social category is the thirstiest for excitement and new impressions? No other than high school and college students. Needleless to say, not all young people will go skydiving, parachuting, or snowboarding merely to quench this thirst. Cautiousness and prudence, or, in other words, a self-preservation instinct prevents lots of people from taking risks and partaking in dangerous activities. The only way to tickle one’s nerves is to go watch a truly scary horror movie which serves as a source of thrill and excitement.

Responsiveness to Dopamine

We all enjoy excitement, no matter what the source is. Psychologists have found that people who like horror films are more responsive to dopamine, an organic chemical whose production is triggered by enjoyable thrilling emotions. Such emotions are experienced during the anticipation of most types of rewards. Young people are more covetous of such emotional rewards, which explains why students get a physiological kick from horror movies. The effect horror movies have on dopamine-addicted students can be compared to that of sex, alcohol consumption, and drug use.

Surprisingly, scientists have revealed that males are more dependent on dopamine that their female counterparts, which makes men more likely to enjoy horror movies. So, next time your roomie starts streaming a new horror film on Netflix (if it creates one, of course) and streams of the dying victims start tearing your apart, don’t be in a hurry to whack him over the head with a keyboard. Be more lenient and tolerant of his dopamine addiction.

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