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Horror Cash – How To Make Cash In The Horror Genre?

Horror Cash
How To Make Cash In The Horror Genre?

Horror Cash is the new Youtube channel from horror host Mormo Zine dedicated to showing educational and spooky videos about ways to make online money. The videos feature pics of horror movies and halloween costumes with text and narration on money making topics. The first two videos are about Blog Marketing and Ebay selling. The videos are packed with tips and tricks so that anybody beginner or pro will learn something new. Mormo Zine started his career 13 years ago promoting live punk rock shows, publishing zines, DVD’s and having his own show on public access in Idaho. A lifelong horror fan, horror hosting came naturally but Mormo wanted a different spin on the tradition. After studying entrepreneurship and side hustling for many years Mormo decided it was time for a new show about these topics. Mormo learns alongside the viewer while watching the informative videos together and discussing personal success and failure stories. Although with all these videos about making extra income and investing, he really should do a video that teaches you how to calculate your tax refund, since Uncle Sam will want to know about any extra income you generate anyways.When Mormo reaches 100 subscribers he can have a personalized URL for the channel. When he reaches 1000 subscribers he can become a youtube partner and unlock features like embedded links in videos. Subscribe and ring the bell to get notified when new cash making videos are published.

Horror Cash Youtube Channel 




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