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Comic Review: Hatchet – Issue 2

With the release of the fourth Hatchet film titled Victor Crowley, the second issue of Hatchet comes out just in time. Hatchet issue two continues with the storyline involving a film crew wanting to make a movie based on the legend of Victor Crowley aka Hatchet Face. While the story is fun and everything one would expect in a Hatchet or any slasher comic, the art is taken up a notch. The style used by the artist is gritty.

The way each kill is illustrated is unique and creative in a way that would have fans demanding to be put onto the big screen. While the film crew is about to begin with their movie, the story also features more victims for Victor Crowley to butcher and tear to pieces. This time, it’s a group of treasure hunters who are seeking hidden gold. Unfortunately for them they don’t find gold, what they find is a very angry Victor Crowley who’s ready to tear them apart.

This kind of story telling fits the slasher genre well. The promise of more grotesque kills is what lures fans of the Hatchet series to this comic series.

The nudity is nicely added. A throwback to the old days where nudity was the norm for any slasher franchise. Gore, breasts and a fun story is all that is required in a story such as Hatchet. While each issue is building up for the ultimate climax, we can only imagine what is in store for the third and final issue of the storyline.

I will leave that for the third issue, the second issue is the main focus. There’s an appearance by a key character from the original trilogy, one who did not make it to the third film.

The way he’s introduced to the story and how he became the way he was in the movies is a nice backstory and makes the character more interesting on how he knows so much about the legend of Victor Crowley and why he did what he did in the second film.

The illustration of Victor himself is close enough to the likeness of him in the movies, a hulking monster of a man, muscled and with the same hatchet slash on his disfigured face. I’m in for this ride until they stop making more Hatchet stories.

The comic book series itself has opened a window to more storylines. Which is why comic books are so popular, the creative team has an unlimited amount of stories that can be told about the legend of Victor Crowley. For now, we can safely say it’s still not safe to go into the swamp.

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