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Comic Review: Hatchet

Victor Crowley is back! This time he returns to the comic book pages in a brand new special from American Mythology Comics. The issue is a prequel to an ongoing series that will kick off in October. The story features one character from the series who plays a kind of role you see in slasher movies, the guy who tries to warn everyone to stay away from the land. If you have not heard about Hatchet and you are a fan of fun horror with practical effects, then this story is for you.

We get a little more background on the deformed killer Victor Crowley who was killed by his own father on one fateful night by accident. The gore is over the top and nicely detailed with the right amount of color. The dialogue is humorous and the art style is great. The pencils are nice and tight followed by the inks that are used.

Fans of the Hatchet series have been demanding more Victor Crowley and now they’re going to get it. The last Hatchet story we got was the Hack/Slash crossover known as Hatchet/Slash. Now, the spotlight is on Victor Crowley as he reappears mutilating everyone in sight. The kills from the first movie are in this comic which were made famous for being creative and unique.

The artist who drew the bloody carnage in the comic is definitely a fan who knows his stuff and is amongst the best illustrators out there in the industry. His skill is what makes this comic come to life with each brutal kill that happens within these pages.

For fans this book was written by the writer who wrote Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. So, it’s safe to say that we are in good hands with this series. Andrew Mangum as the artist alone has shown his love by staying true and not being afraid to go over the top with the kills. The colors applied was enough to bring this book further to life. I can only imagine how many ink cartridges were used due to the amount of blood spattered across the pages.

I can’t wait for October to come. This is going to be one series not to miss with the promise of more carnage created by deformed madman Victor Crowley. Just remember if you venture out to Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana and hear the sound of Victor Crowley calling out to his daddy, then you’re not going to make it out in one piece. There’s no escaping the killer with the hatchet slash across his face.

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