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Film Review: Entrails of a Virgin (1986) – CAT III

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A pair of sleazy soft-core p*rn creators take their models out in the middle of nowhere for a photo shoot. On the way back they get lost and end up having to stay all night at a house they had come across. What they don’t know is that there is a demon stalking the area who calls this place home, and he enjoys killing anyone he comes in contact with. It becomes a long and terrifying night for our “heroes” and none of them may survive to see another day.


In 1986 Ronald Reagan was president, I was in the sixth grade, and my biggest worry in the world was getting home from school in time to watch “The Transformers.” Across the world at the time “Entrails of a Virgin” was being filmed in Japan. I didn’t see this movie until just a few days ago, which is probably a good thing because had I seen it in ’86 I would have been traumatized for life, I believe (at least more than I already was).

I’ve seen some bizarre flicks in my lifetime but “Entrails of a Virgin” ranks up there with the best of them. It is a fever dream-like film mixed with a soft-core p*rno. It is an odd little movie but for some reason I enjoyed it. It isn’t the greatest film I’ve ever seen but I dug it mostly because it is so weird and because it is pretty much a slasher flick.

Did I mention that this movie is a little out there? Actually that is an understatement as it is way out there in left field. The film starts out with a kinky sex scene with one of the sleazy soft-core p*rn creators, the photographer, having sex with one of the models while he takes wickedly erotic pictures of the act. We also encounter an odd scene where a guy wrestles with one of the models and after performing a suplex, back breaker, pile driver, and a Boston Crab on her he puts her in the Scorpion Death Lock (or a Sharpshooter for you Bret Hart fans out there) until she pisses herself and passes out. There are tons of weird sex scenes (check out the “69” scene for example) and even the demon is a weird sex fiend. The demon is covered in mud and we never really get a good look at him. He has a huge dong that he uses on all of the models and he has no back-story whatsoever. We never find out where he came from or anything, but this is fine because I like that sort of “no explanation” thing.

The death scenes are pretty over-the-top, which is great. We have a man hit in the head with a hammer (which makes one eyeball pop out of his head); also a person is impaled with a javelin, there is a decapitation, and a very painful scene in which a woman has her guts pulled out of a certain noteworthy orifice. Needless to say there are some pretty wicked death scenes to be found here and most of them are done very well.

The only thing I didn’t really like about this movie was the pace. It moves along very slowly at times and it takes it a while to get going. I think there are too many long sex scenes and the opening bit with the photo shoot drags on forever to the point that I almost skipped ahead to the next scene. I enjoy sex scenes as much as the next guy but if I’d wanted to watch ones as long as these I would have put in an actual p*rno. Had some of the scenes been trimmed down a bit it would have helped the flow of the movie dramatically.

Overall, I enjoyed “Entrails of a Virgin”; it was a weird flick with loads of murder, soft-core sex, and fun death scenes. The ending is fairly predictable but still a little lacking at the same time. If you are looking for an old school slasher flick with an Asian spin on it then look no further; I would recommend it for a good time and a way to shock the hell out of friends or your significant other.

GUTS OF A VIRGIN 1 (ENTRAILS OF A VIRGIN) (1986) – Kazuo ‘Gaira’ Komizu

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  1. Watch without subtitles for ultimate wackiness (the ending is not predictable)


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