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Home | Comic Review: Lovecraft Paranormal Investigator P.I – A Shot in the Dark – Issue 1

Comic Review: Lovecraft Paranormal Investigator P.I – A Shot in the Dark – Issue 1

lovecraft-1Lovecraft Paranormal Investigator P.I. – A shot in the Dark” is a new 3-part series from the talented team at Darkside Media created by Fritz Striker & D.W. Kann featuring the illustration work of Antonio Brandao.

Fans of Lovecraftian horror and Cthulhu lore will love this new edition to the Lovecraft fan base. We are told in the intro that H.P Lovecraft is re-imagined as a detective and paranormal investigator. This edition is the first of the 3 part series pathing the way for a new comic to hit the markets.

The artwork and illustration is well defined providing a perfect introduction  into the Lovecraft PI universe as we follow Lovecraft a private detective working for the Miskatonic Agency.

The location of the small fishing town, Innsmouth sets the stage for cult activity and strange occurrences. Lovecraft hired by one of the local founders Mr. Banabas Marsh is brought in to investigate the whereabouts of an ancient book recently stolen called the “Necronomicon” and the murder of Joshua Marsh. The book itself is considered to be extremely dangerous left to the wrong hands.

In his investigation Lovecraft learns of the local religion that goes under the name of the esoteric order of Dagon, a strange bunch that prays primarily to a pagan god and fish symbolism.His investigation leads from local to local as he makes his way thru lies and cover ups. When finally approached by Hanna Winsgate, Lovecraft is informed of the local conflicts and business arrangements set in place.


A well written storyline with engaging illustrative panels makes for a more than intriguing new entry into the comic world. Fans of horror and Lovecraft are urged to give this series a while following up its multi part offerings. Darkside Media is a welcome entry into the comic industry offering with what looks to be a great run of editions planned for the future. Readers can inquire more here

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