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Interview: Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow, The Pact)

interview-Casper-Van-Dien-(3)Casper Van Dien is one of the most talented and recognizable actors in the world today. He has amassed a pretty impressive resume of films which includes Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow, The Pact, and many, many more. In addition he has also appeared on countless television shows and has been known to write and direct on occasion as well. Casper is just an all around awesome guy and I had the pleasure to recently speak with him about his career, his newest film June, and many other topics in general.

Todd Martin: What was your first acting gig?

Casper Van Dien: Well I was actually in a commercial for Midway Airlines. It was a tough job as I just sat in a chair while a bunch of women in bikinis danced around me! The airline went out of business soon after but I don’t think that it was my fault due to this commercial (laughs).

My first big acting role was in a film called Menu for Murder. I got to play a lifeguard and got to work with people such as Morgan Fairchild and Cindy Williams who were also in it.

TM: So far what would you say has been your favorite role to date?

CVD: Johnny Rico from Starship Troopers. I had a blast playing the part and it is just one of those characters that has really stood the test of time as he has such longevity. I also really enjoyed playing Tarzan in Tarzan and the Lost City, Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and Brom Van Brunt from Sleepy Hollow.

TM: What would be your dream role?

CVD: I would love to play Johnny Cage in a Mortal Kombat movie. I would also really enjoy being in a western as well.


TM: If you could work with anyone that you haven’t had the chance to do so with who would it be?

CVD: James Cameron. I would love to work with him on a project.

TM: Tell us a little bit about your role in June. What is it about and when can we see it?

CVD: I play a guy who adopts a little girl with his wife (Victoria Pratt) as they can’t have children. He is a hard-working and good man who is trying his best to make things work out for his family but after they take June (the little girl) into their home strange and scary things start to happen as she isn’t quite what she seems. It is going to be released on VOD and DVD on October 6th.

TM: If you weren’t acting right now what would you be doing?

CVD: Directing. I actually just directed my third film Patient Killer and it won the Spirit of the Independent Award at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival in 2014 and I won Best Director for it at the Best Actors Film Festival recently.


TM: Who would you say were some of your influences?

CVD: John Wayne, Errol Flynn, John Ford, James Cameron, Ernest Borgnine, and Steven Spielberg just to name a handful.

TM: What is your favorite movie of all time?

CVD: True Romance is my absolute favorite but I also have to mention some others as well such as Seven Samurai, Star Wars, Night of the Hunter, and The Magnificent Seven. I am also a fan of The Shining as well.

TM: What is your pick for the scariest movie of all time?

CVD: The Exorcist.


TM: Do you have anything to add or anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

CVD: I just wanted to thank Horrornews.net for interviewing me first. I also wanted to mention that I have a few projects in the work including Star Raiders: The Adventures of Sabre Raine, Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 3 and several others that I am excited about.

You can follow Casper on Twitter at Casper Van Dien @CasperVanDien

Thanks to Casper for taking the time to speak to me! I appreciate it!

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  1. Just don’t mention Skeleton Man, what a dreadful movie that was, he must have been desperate to be in that pile of crap lol


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